The dark is coming

It's my fault, i am the reason she jumped.


2. the jump. :|

!'Ash P.O.V.'!

"i love you Ashton, that was the last thing Monica said before she jumped" I told ash with tears in my eyes.

"It makes me so sad, Ash, but she will wake up, I promise!" Harry smiles trying to make me comfortable.

"How can you be so sure?" I look up from my hands getting a little hope back.

"Ash, she's my best friend, she wants to live, but when you two broke up, she was completely broken. When you and river got together, she couldn't think of a reason to live anymore. But she's not dead, she's broken." Harry left after he's big speech.

"But I love Monica, not River! What have I done? I'm so stupid, she really loved me, I can't take this anymore, if she does die, I going to kill myself, I don't want too live without her, she's my one and only, my one true love" I thought to myself.

"Can I please see her?" I asked the doctor.

"You must be Ashton?" He asked shocked

"What wrong? I really need to se her, she's my girlfriend!" I told the doctor, like it was the truth... "I love Monica" I whisper

"My friend, I have this letter for you, she had it on her, and your name stood on it, so, i think it's for you, I hope you okay, but you can't see her, only family." A really loud alarm started to go of, it came from her room, u got really worried. "I need to go, get home save, bye" the doctor ran to her room.

"Okay, I just go home." I whispered to myself, I was really worried. I felt so sick. I'm so sad, and it's all my fault.

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