How I Feel About Different Bands/Artists

The title explains everything. If you are a co-auther, just add more tags please. Just say band/artist names you would like me to state my opinion on. I only used the ones I could pull of the top of my head. Most of them are members of Monstercat because I can easily think of stuff for them lol


18. Abby's Opinion On: 1D & 5 SAUCE

You know how I feel about the bae's. Er... boys.


And Stormy, they will not jump off a cliff because if they do, I will go with them, singing Midnight Memories all the way down to my death.

With 5 SAUCE, I'd say the same. Only I'd sing Amnesia. Yeah.





(Stormy --->) You won't be able to get to them when they jump. And trust me. Their fangirls will all go with them :3. Since when did 5SOS become 5 SAUCE.... strange.... so they will be made into 5 different kinds of sauces :P. I'm only "Livin life for the next drop!" :D

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