Famous Youtube Star

What if all of those famous Youtubers went to a High school made so they could be famous? Welcome to Youtube High! 16 year old Elena wants to be a youtuber and is trying to get into Youtube High. Read to find out how Elena gets into the school of her dreams. || Copyright 2014 All rights reserved. This Movella or any part of this movella may not be reproduced without the permission of the author. I would appreciate it if you guys told me what you think in the comments below.����


1. Welcome to Youtube High

            " Hi I'm Elena Anderson, do you have my schedule?" I asked the secretary.

"Oh yes I do honey, it includes your locker number, combination, map of the school and your dorm number." The lady handed me a booklet, I thanked her and left.

I was an hour early so I headed to my locker to drop off some of my stuff and look at my schedule.

1st block

Video Games

2nd block 


3rd block

CGI/Video effects

4th block

Home Ec.

5th block


My schedule had two days that alternated, but I decided not to look at my second day so I wouldn't get confused.

I grabbed my stuff for Video Games and headed off.

I got into the class early and  saw a girl in the back with her laptop out. I sat down next to her."Hello." I said.

"Hi! I'm Dawn, what's your name?" She asked turning to look at me. 

"I'm Elena." I said twirling my rainbow hair.

"By the way I love your hair." Dawn said.

"Thanks! I like yours too! How often do you dye it?" I asked it.

"Around once a month." She said.

"Cool!" I said then we started talking and I found out she plays mine craft like me and we're in a lot of the same classes. Then a group of guys came and surrounded us and we all started chatting and getting to know each other. Now I had a group of friends!


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