Severus Weasley and Merlin's Ring

It's been nineteen years since the Battle of Hogwarts. Now Anna Weasley, (nee Black,)'s son is now going to Hogwarts. Her older sons Fred and Sirius Weasley have already been through a year and are going back to their second year along with James Potter. Those boys are troublemakers. Now her son Severus is going and she's worried.
Severus and Albus Potter are going to have a fun and scary year ahead of them. (In Severus's point of view.)


4. Severus Snape

  Severus sat in the Headmistress’s office. He was healed quickly and sent to the Headmistress’s office. Along with a teacher he didn’t know and Jeffery. Jeffery sat looking at the office acting as if Severus didn’t exist. To Severus that was perfect. The teacher stood impatiently waiting for the Headmistress. Who had some errand to attend to for a couple minutes. Severus liked the picture of Headmaster Albus who was smiling at him. Severus had smiled at him. Headmaster Dumbledore smiled and looked away. The one picture he was avoiding any eye contact was the picture of a man. He had a hooked nose, shallow skin, and greasy black hair. Out of the corner of his eye Severus had read the nameplate.

Headmaster Severus Snape

  Severus wracked his brains. He had heard of that name somewhere before. He thought he remembered when the door to the office opened and Headmistress McGonagall came in. She smiled at the boys. She walked to her desk and sat down. Headmaster Snape opened his mouth but McGonagall threw him a look. Which Snape looked away bitterly.

  “Fighting? Now why were you two fighting?”

  “Defense” Severus said almost in a whisper. McGonagall smiled at him.

  “He threatened me!” Jeffery said standing.

  “Sit” McGonagall said. “I have already talked to witnesses who said it was an empty threat.” She looked at me, “but a threat is a threat. Detention next Saturday, I will send the time.” She looked at Jeffery who hadn’t taken his sit, “Muggle fighting is a whole other matter. Fifty points and a Saturday detention should remind you.”

  “Fifty” Jeffery said in shock.

  “You can go now thank you, Mr. Parkinson.” Jeffery walked out and the other teacher nodded and followed. I looked back at the Headmistress “Troubled boy. Now Mr. Weasley, I will have to write to your mother." Severus looked down. Mum wasn't going to be happy. "Did she ever tell you who you’re named after?” Snape looked at her

  “I never asked.” Severus said shyly.

  “Her father.” She pointed to Snape. Snape looked at Severus.

  “She…” Snape began

  “Four beautiful children.” McGonagall said smiling at Snape.

  “Why didn’t you…”Snape trailed off

  “You never asked” McGonagall winked at Severus. “You met two of them last year. Trouble makers, friend’s with Harry’s first son, and looking a lot like the Weasley twins. They are actually referred as the Weasley twins.”

  “Fred and Sirius Weasley. I like them. They make me laugh and remind me of Fred and George.” Dumbledore cut in smiling. Severus smiled.

  “Severus,” Snape looked at McGonagall, “what’s your mother’s favorite subject?” She asked.

  “Potions, of course! We make potions all the time! It’s my favorite too! It’s so much fun and Mum is always smiling and humming and laughing and…” Severus turned a little red. His excitement got the best of him. Only now did the embarrassment hit him as Snape, Dumbledore and McGonagall smiled at him.

  “Taught you potions?” Snape asked

  “No, I had to persuade her to let me help!” Severus said smiling at Snape.

  “I taught her potions and I was her father.” Snape said.

  "Is that why she almost cries when we say grandpa?" Severus asked Professor McGonagall. 

  "Your mother and her father have been through a lot." She answered. Severus looked back at the picture.

  “You like Potions?” Severus said forgetting everyone in the room except Snape.

  “I love potions.” Snape answered.

  “Mum showed me tricks and showed me her potion books. There are full of scribbles and hints. Oh, I want them so bad!” Snape laughed. Severus continued. Snape gave him hints here and there. Finally McGonagall touched Severus’s shoulder making him jump.

  “We don’t want to miss dinner.” She said and Severus looked at Snape. His eyes were full of longing. Snape looked at McGonagall pleadingly. She shook her head. Severus followed her out but looked over his shoulder to look at Snape one last time. 

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