Severus Weasley and Merlin's Ring

It's been nineteen years since the Battle of Hogwarts. Now Anna Weasley, (nee Black,)'s son is now going to Hogwarts. Her older sons Fred and Sirius Weasley have already been through a year and are going back to their second year along with James Potter. Those boys are troublemakers. Now her son Severus is going and she's worried.
Severus and Albus Potter are going to have a fun and scary year ahead of them. (In Severus's point of view.)


2. Lessons

  “You’re tie isn’t tied,” Isabella pointed out to Severus during breakfast. Her aqua hair clashed horribly with her Gryffindor robes. Severus's tie hung limply around his neck.

“I know,” He said and poured some pumpkin juice.

“Can you tie a tie?” She asked.

Severus's face went red but faded as Albus sat down next to him. His tie looked more like a big knot then a tie.

Isabella and Severus laughed.

“It’s not funny!” Albus cried , growing redder by the minute. Isabella just rolled her eyes.


As Severus was about to get some eggs a letter fell onto his plate. Severus looked toward the twins to see the family owl, a Barn Owl, named Express placing two letters into their food and flying over to Severus. She hooted twice. Express like Severus better than anyone else.

“Thanks”  Severus said. She nibbled his ear affectionately  and then she took a bit of his toast.


He opened the letter and two chocolate balls fell out. Chocolate crèmes were his favorite chocolate.

Dear Severus,

I’m so proud! I knew you had a heart of Gryffindor! I told you you didn’t need to worry. I hope your brothers don’t give you too hard of a time. I included your favorite chocolate to help you get through the day. So tell me whose your new friends and don’t worry you’ll make plenty!



Severus grinned and plopped a chocolate ball in his mouth. He took out his new quill and ink and wrote on the back of the parchment of his mum's letter:

Dear Mum,

Thanks for the chocolates! Albus and I made a new friend. Her name is Isabella Cummings. She's really cool and she has aqua blue hair. (How did she do that?)

Anyway Fred and Sirius aren't not that bad at the moment, Sirius's probably a bit more annoying than Fred though...

I hope we have potions today. I'll tell you all about it soon, say hey to Jenn for me,



Severus folded the letter and handed it to Express. She took off immediately. Severus plopped the last chocolate into his mouth. Now he put eggs on his plate. Albus had received a chocolate frog from his dad. Soon Professor Hollen handed out schedules.

“Defense Against the Dark Arts and…” Albus started

“Potions!” Severus said with a smile. Whenever Severus's mum made potions she let him help. She said he was like her in every way. On which he replied hopefully not every way. Severus loved when Mum smiled or laughed. It was as if nothing bad could ever happen when she smiled.


Finishing breakfast, Severus, Albus and Isabella headed to where they thought the DADA class was. They were having no such luck finding it.

  "We're going to be late," Severus sighed as he leaned against a statue of a knight.

  "Come on Severus," Albus put a hand on his shoulder, "let's ask one of the prefects over there." They asked one of the Ravenclaw prefects who pointed them in the right direction.


Before they arrived at the classroom, Isabella stopped Severus and Albus  and fixed their ties. They laughed the rest of the way to DADA. Professor Jerkins motioned everyone to sit down. Albus and Severus sat at a table in the middle and Isabella sat across the aisle.

“Welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts. Please take notice that a simple spell said wrong will cause you to go to the Hospital Wing.” She said looking at the class. “We are not prepared yet however to use our wands therefore open your books and start reading. When you finish chapter one write a summary about what you read. This is to be handed in at the end of class.” Severus grabbed his book and parchment and began reading. He could see Albus staring at one word in the corner of his eye. Severus finished chapter one and realizing he had no idea what it was about, He reread the whole thing three times before finally writing a summary. It was a horrible summary and Severus reread the chapter again then wrote a decent summary. It was still bad.

The bell rung and Professor Jerkins stood up.


  “Put your name on the top corner of your paper and I will come around and pick it up. Only then can you pack up Mr. PARKINSON!” She shouted. Parkinson had put his quill in his bag. “Was it you that I noticed tripping a Hufflepuff girl this morning?”

  “No Professor.” He answered turning red.Jerkins  waved her wand and Parkinson's paper flew into the air towards her. She grabbed it out of the air and skimmed over it. She frowned.

  “Can anyone show Mr. Parkinson what a summary looks like?” She flipped the paper so that the whole class could see that he had written just a sentence. Jerkins waved her wand again and the rest of the classes papers flew to her.

  “Dismissed” She said and Severus packed quickly. Albus, Isabella, and Severus almost ran out of the class.

  “Wait till she reads my summary," Albus said and Severus laughed.

  “I think my summary was great,” Isabella said proudly.

  “Only you, I had to read the thing five times before I understood it!” Severus exclaimed.

  “What’s next, Isa?” Albus asked,grinning.

  “Don’t call me Isa! It is either Bella or Izzy!” She exclaimed, slapping his shoulder.

  “We’ve got Potions, Isa,” Severus laughed, dodging a punchfrom Isabella. "Come on Isa Belly, potions now!"

Isabella glared at Severus and Albus.

 The trio soon  got to Potions and entered the already rapidly filling classroom. Soon Professor Slughorn came panting in.

  "Sorry class, we'll start now." Severus looked at his brand new potions book, his Mum wouldn’t let him have hers she said he had to earn it. Severus scribbled his name in and looked up to see Professor Slughorn tell them to start the Cure for Boils in partners.

  Severus looked at Albus. He scribbled anything he could remember Mum telling him about the potion. He showed Albus and they started working.

  "Your handwriting sucks," Albus said as he tried to read it. Isabella’s and some other Gryffindor's potion turned orange. Severus's and Albus's, who was just following Severus seemed to sound like the books description. Professor Slughorn came over.

  “My dear boys! That is nearly perfect! You have a gift! twenty points for Gryffindor!” He said proudly making Severus's cheeks feel warm. Albus smiled at him.

  "It's all his doing, sir" Albus said and Severus started to blush.

  “Really? Who’s your mother? If you don’t mind me asking and use her maiden name please.” Severus had only heard his mum's maiden name used by  accident.

  “A-Anna Black,” he wispered.

  “Anna? Oh my, really? She was a very talented potion’s maker. I say she should take over my job, she is better than me by far! Well her father was the best potion master if I should say I think she beat him. What’s your name"

  “Severus Weasley.”

  "Severus? Ah, Severus," he seemed to drift away for a moment.


  "Best to get back to work then," Slughorn said as he patted Severus on the back and walked away. The bell rung and they hurried out of class.

  "Well Sev, looks like you just got a fan" Albus said putting his arm around Severus. Severus laughed.

  "Well I'm never saying Severus again. I'm saying Sev it's shorter," Isabella smirked.

  "If you get to call me Sev I get to call you Isa," Severus grinned and stuck his tongue out at Isabella.

  "If I can use both of those nicknames you can call me Al," Albus cherped in, smiling.

  "Agreed," the trio agreed, shaking hands.


  A week later they had their first flying practice. Isabella stood shaking. She had never seen a flying broomstick before. Albus looked confidant in every way. He rode brooms everyday because of his parents. Severus felt uneasy. He didn't usually ride brooms so he had no idea how what would happen if he did something unusual. He didn't have his dad's gift of flying.

  Severus looked nervously at the broom to his left. It was old and battered, the tail of the broom was crooked and uneven and the handle was slightly bent. Madame Hooch looked at everyone.

  "Alright class, hold out your hand and say 'up. The broom should come up to your hand," She explained.

  "Up!" The class demanded to their brooms.

  Albus's broom shot up to his hands and he grinned. Isabella's shot at the person across from her hitting the Ravenclaw on the nose. Severus looked at the broom.

  "Up?" He said unsure  and the broom rolled into his foot.

  "Up," he tried again, the broom shot up to his hand. Surprised he dropped it.

  "Up," he tried again with a little more force, the broom rolled again.

  "Up!" The broom shot to his head. Albus laughed at him the whole time.

  "Now that everyone has their broom, I want you to sit on it. Do not fly!" Madame Hooch ordered. Severus looked at the stick. He followed Albus's lead and straddled it. Madame Hooch was correcting everyone's position. "Now I want you to hover. Do not fly off!" She commanded again. Severus pushed off the ground like Albus did. Almost the whole class was hovering. Isabella was jumping up and down.  Severus laughed and the broom spun. He was now hanging upside down. Albus and Isabella laughed. He laughed along weakly. The broom spun again and he was sitting upright but he was higher than the class.

  "Mr. Weasley!" Madame Hooch called

  "What do I do!" Severus almost yelled.

  "Just stay there." The broom was inching ever so higher.

  Severus gripped his broom tighter and the broom shot forward. He let go hoping he might just fall backwards and the broom went backwards the way it came. He looked behind him to see the castle wall looming closer. Severus hugged the broom and it shot upwards. Albus somehow got permission and was next to him. 

  "Fall off Sev," He said and pointed downwards. Severus looked down to see Madame Hooch conjure a giant fluffy thing. Severus looked at Albus like he was crazy. 

  "I'm never getting on a broom again!" Severus confirmed  to Albus and the broom twisted and he now hung upside down. 

  "Just let go Sev!" Albus urged.

  Severus let go reluctantly and fell, screaming on the way down. He landed on the giant fluffy thing. Madame Hooch helped Severus up and made the thing disappear. Albus landed next to him. Thankfully the bell rung. Severus walked off and Albus hurried to catch up. Isabella joined them.

  "Never ever again," Severus said as Isabella showed up.

  "Those are school brooms. Some of them are too old. Dad was thinking of gettting new ones to make sure no more people got hurt," Albus said. Isabella looked at them.

  "I would try again if it wasn't a school broom, like, I'll try the Firebolts and Nimbuses," She murmured looking at her feet. 

 "Agreed," replied Severus.

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