Truth or dare.

Liam, Lou, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Sophia, Eleanor, Perrie and Sky decides to play truth or dare. What happens?


3. Thoughts.

I sat down on the couch without asking. I looked around and noticed how big it actually was and how much everything actually must have cost. I was quiet bored and could feel Sophia looking at me pretty much all the time. It was like she was scared of me taking Liam from her or that she just didn't want me here. I guess that she wasn't that pleased with herself since she did her boobs and lips. It showed a lot that she had done it. It wouldn't surprise me if she did her bum bigger too. Zayn was standing and fixing the music so i guess he was the DJ for tonight. 

"Dj Malik" Perrie said and put a cap on his head. He laughed and hugged her. 

I looked over at Harry who was fixing the snacks and drinks. Niall was just standing and eating from the bowls. I giggled a little and just looked at him. He seemed to be eating much but u could see that he worked out. On the other boys as well. 

Liam was standing infront of Sophia with his back turned against her and talked to Lou about something. I couldn't really hear since i was a bit far away from them. Sophia did everything for Liam to notice her. She hugged him from behind and tried to be in the conversation. I wondered what she actually was thinking bout and if she was insecure. I tried to shake the thought of her off my head. It was stupid to think bad stuff bout her all the time. I looked back at Harry. 

"Niall, u can't eat all the snacks when I'm putting it on the table. Its supposed to be for everyone to eat not just u!" He said a bit angry. He had put up crisps, candy, pepsi cans and drinks with alcohol.

Niall just smiled and kept eating on the candy he had in his hand. "Chill buddy, I'll go and buy more if it doesn't last for everyone. 

Harry just sighed and walked in the kitchen. 

Eleanor came over to me and sat down next to me. "U having fun?"

I shock my head. "I don't know the boys and they seem to talk to each other so Ill just sit here."

She looked at me. "U have any ideas of what we can do?" 

I started thinking bout something and looked at Perrie and Zayn. I got an idea and smiled. "Truth or dare?"

She nodded and got up on her feet. She was wearing tight jeans with a crop top that showed her belly button. "Emma came up with the idea of playing Truth or dare? Anyone in?"

Sophia shock her head. "Nah.." Liam and Lou said yes and sat down on the floor. Sophia sighed and sat down next to Liam. She grabbed his arm and hugged it hard. 

I sat down in front of them but a bit away. I looked at Liam. He didn't seem to really care about Sophia. He was just waiting for Niall and Harry to come and sit down.

Eleanor sat down next to Lou and Perrie sat next to Zayn which was sitting next to Eleanor. Niall sat down next to me and Perrie. Harry sat down on my other side. All the couples ended up sitting next to each other holding each others hands while Harry, Niall and me was just sitting there in the awkward ring of people. 

"Who starts?" Lou asked.

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