Truth or dare.

Liam, Lou, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Sophia, Eleanor, Perrie and Sky decides to play truth or dare. What happens?


4. Start.

Sophia was looking at Liam. "I'll start" She smiled as Harry put down the bottle in the middle of the ring. She started spinning it and it landed on Eleanor. "Truth or dare?" She asked.

"Truth or dare?" She asked and looked at her. 

"Truth" Eleanor smiled.

"Have u ever thought bout making ur boobs bigger?" Sophia said and laughed at her boobs.

"What?" Eleanor asked and looked at her.

"They r so small, i bet Max wants bigger than those."

Lou looked at her and then at Eleanor. ''He likes her just the way she is"

Eleanor smiled wide and nodded. ''My Max''  

He smiled wide. "No, i haven't thought bout it." Eleanor answered.

Sophia rolled her eyes and looked at her. "Well, its ur turn." She sighed as if she thought Eleanor was a bitch for no wanting her boobs bigger.

I sat down on my bum and put my right hand on the floor so i leaned a little bit against Niall. 

Eleanor spanned the bottle and it landed on Perrie. "Truth or dare?" She giggled.

"Dare" She smiled. 

"Kiss Liam" She smiled. She wanted revenge on Sophia for being a bitch against her. "And no simple kiss, a real kiss." She smiled.

Perrie sighed and crawled over to Liam. She kissed him with her hand on his cheek. She then pulled away after a while and crawled back to Zayn. 

Liam smiled and looked at Perrie. "Ur turn" He smiled. 

Sophia looked at Liams smile and then at Perrie. U could tell she was really mad over what Eleanor and Perrie had done. 

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