Truth or dare.

Liam, Lou, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Sophia, Eleanor, Perrie and Sky decides to play truth or dare. What happens?


6. Diary.

I went to bed as the clock just turned 11:04 pm and started writing in the diary book i had. It was blue and i had put pictures of me and Perrie on it. She and I were like best friends before she got famous, now we don't really hang out anymore. But i wasn't really ready to let go of all the memories we had shared. 
// Hey! I have decided to stop writing ''Dear dairy'' cuz it sounds so childish and weird. I mean, I'm 19 years old, its kinda weird that i even write a diary. Most people go to special people and talk about their problems. But no, I write it down and listen to music. Okay. To much information. But hey! Today i hung out with Perrie and Eleanor. At Liams house. You know One Direction. YEAH I KNOW. Okay I'm gonna be honest. Yes i listen to the and fangirl to them some.. YES I AM 19. Im sorry.. Okay, so we played truth or dare. And Niall. Niall Horan. He kissed me, and gave me his number. I actually don't know whats gonna happen between us but i hope something happens at least. And Liam, he broke up with that girl Sophia. I think he did the right thing.. Well, the clock is now 11:09. So I'm gonna go to bed before i do something stupid. //
I put the diary on the table next to my bed and turned the light off. I turned around and started thinking about what would happen if Niall fell involve with me. I would always lay down and think bout stuff i knew would never happen. 


Just a short chapter. ^^



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