Harry Potter Facebook Chats

What would happen if harry and his friends joined facebook?


4. Expelling Harry

Oliver Wood It's official. I hate Harry Potter. I want to get him expelled. Every year something completely f**ked up happens here. First it was a huge troll, then it was a snake that froze ppl. Then it was a dog and a werewolf. and have we forgotten about the dementors???? NONE OF THIS SH*T WOULDVE HAPPENED IF IT WERENT FOR HARRY POTTER!!!

Ron Weasley He's an okay guy but i'm just trying to get through the year without getting killed.

Cho Chang It's the WORST. Every time his scar hurts i lock myself in my room.

Susan Bones Bet this crap doesn't happen at beauxbatons

Harry Potter You guys are all so gay. You're just jealous because you guys aren't in Gryffindor. I mean what has Ravenclaw EVER done? and wtf is a hufflepuff?

Sorting Hat I strongly recomended for you to be in Slytherin but you were all like "no no put me in big G" Just sayin' Whatever. Just pretend i'm not here.

Oliver Wood This is a private thread how are either of you commenting on this?

Harry Potter IM PRETTY SURE IM A WIZARD I can do do WHATEVER i want when i want. peace out b*tches

Hannah Abbot Hey! We do cool stuff in Hufflepuff

Lee Jordan She's right. Everyone should be treated the same

Harry Potter You would say that

Lee Jordan Wait. Whats that supposed to mean?



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