Harry Potter Facebook Chats

What would happen if harry and his friends joined facebook?


8. Awkward...

Voldemort That awkward moment when you try and show some support by hugging a fellow death eater, then everyone laughs at you :(

Harry Potter That awkward moment when you also want affection from the dark lord but it just ends in being thrown off a building.

Hermione Granger That awkward moment when you think Harry's dead but he is just faking it.

Professor Mcgonagall That awkward moment when everyone starts calling you Mcbadass

Ron Weasley That awkward moment when you see your crush and your best friend naked, making out together. :(

Draco Malfoy That awkward moment when your about to profess your undying love for the chosen one in the room of requirement, only to have your best friend set fire to the place and die.

Harry Potter errr... what? O.O

Draco Malfoy Oops...

Voldemort ^ Now, THAT is an awkward moment ^




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