The Weeping Willow | Dusty Sky the First

The world has ended. I wander alone. Except . . . Do I?


4. ϕ

It happened a few days ago.

I was in quarantine after having been exposed to a diseased Jovian. There were hundreds of quarantine cells in the facility. All full. Food and water were automated. Simple rehydrated protein, nothing exciting. Every day I received an update with the news and weather.

Then it stopped.

The food and water, that just kept coming, but the updates stopped. I had no idea why. I had no idea if they'd simply overlooked me but it didn't matter. I was completely alone.

The time for my release came and went and still there was no news. I began to wonder if I was going to die in here.

But now I know I am.

Because they're dead, aren't they?

All dead.

The thing that killed them?

It's outside my door.

I can hear it.


Trying to get in.

I can see its shadow.

It's twisted.



NO oh please no don't.

It's trying the keypad.

NO ohmygod someone help me.

The door is opening.

I feel like I'm in slow motion.

I can see it.

It's not a thing.

It's a she.

A Jovian.

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