The story of Olivia Carmen.

Its a story about a teenage directioner who gets the chance to meat HER IDOLS the Lads of onedirection Harry Styles,Niall Horan,Liam Payne,Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. However not everything runs smoothly she has to over COME some obsticals but will she get to meet them or will this shy 13 year old girl left heart broken has she going through a really tough time at home and at school!!


1. The back ground to Olivia and her famliy

Olivia was fast a sleep in her bedroom. The room was filled with onedirection. On her walls were poster of the boys there were no spaces you couldn't seen any gaps the posters were a variety of they boys from the very young stages when they were on Xfactor to the more recent ones where they were collecting there sixth Consecative  Global success award at the BRITS 2018. That year they also won 3 BRITS for Best British group Best single and Best video all of them they'd won before. This poster was just one of thousands on her walls. 

As for the rest of the room it was filled with the latest merchandise and old merchandise also all their films, book, albums and perfume. On her bed was five onedirection cushions all of which had recent images on of the lads. The duvet and pillow case was a faded and has for her TV it was black and white picture and very small, in the corner of her tiny room.Her music player only just worked. She had two shaggy brown  bears on what looked to be an uncared for chair; in front was a small basic desk where she would spend hours doing anything  that would keep her away from her Mum and Dad. Her mums name was Kelly Carmen and she was being abuse by her husband and Olivia's Dad; Terrie. Kelly was unable to stop Terrie form abusing Olivia. Kelly and Olivia regularly made trips to the hospital where they both knew they would return days later.

Olivia often went days with out food,water and basic needs. Her school uniform was so old it was form when she was in year 6. has it wasn't hard enough at school life just got worse she had been bullyid ever since she was 7 years old.  however whay kelly didnt know her life was about to get even worse as her mum suddenly dies and shes left in the care of Terrie who would make her life a nightmare.

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