People fall in love in mysterious ways

Lily goes on a French exchange for six weeks, staying with a French girl her age, and she is introduced to the whole French lifestyle, but she also meets two boys, she can't decide between


1. pre party

Lily's p.o.v.:

The party was tonight. And I was honestly so nervous. I didn't have my friends to hide behind like I did at home. I was all alone, to meet Florence's French friends. I had been practising my French all last night, trying not to sound too formal or rehearsed in front of her friends, but still good enough to make an impression.

The time flew pretty quick, and next thing it was five o'clock. Florence's father was bringing us to the party at 7. So I decided to get ready. I picked out a light pair of denim high waist jeans, with a lace blue crop top, and my favourite river island sandals. I hoped that my outfit would be ok.. Florence was wearing this amazing flowery skater dress and I knew I could never pull something like that off, so I just hoped my makeup would turn out ok. Once I had all my make up on, I let my hair fall naturally straight down my back. I quickly washed my teeth and florence called me. We got into the car, and I crossed my fingers. I wasn't exactly a party girl, don't get me wrong, I wasn't a loser or anything but I just wasn't used of drinking or whatever it is that happens at parties. But it was important to florence that we went to the party, so I just smiled and hoped it would be over fast.

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