Payne in Class // l.p

''you are being a Payne in Class instead of Pain in the Ass''


9. Chapter 8


'' please Celine get us some beer ''

''Celine make us some food ''

''Celine can you get me a cup of water ?''

''Celine play with us video games ''

Celine, Celine , Celine

ugh , for the past two hours I've been the maid in this house and i'm really getting sick , I've been cleaning , giving out drinks , cooking

despite the fact that these guys are older than me and more mature , let me tell you they're the total opposite , all they do is relax and I do all the work

''Celine come and sit with us '' Mr. Styles also known as Harry said patting a space beside him ,while drinking a can of beer that I just gave him , I faked a smile

walking over to him and sitting down, I crossed my arms over my chest and sight annoyed

why the hell did I agree to this shit ? in fact I am really regretting my agreement right now

Liam and Zayn were playing video games while I sat down , falling in my own thoughts

''guys i'm bored of this shit , let's do anything else '' Zayn pushed the controller away and popped down beside me

''let's have some fun '' he smirked into my direction and I sighed

''let's go clubbing !'' Harry burst out suddenly that I jumped up in surprise , thanks Harry , i'll probably have some peace and sleep when they're gone

'' yeah it's a lovely idea '' Zayn grinned and Liam was the last to agree

I stood up from the couch and started walking into the guest room ''have fun guys '' I shouted and then a hand collapsed my arm turning me around again '' wait here , you're coming with us '' he smirked and I shook my head

'' no sorry i'm tired ''

'' we had a deal , I give you lessons and you do what I want '' he had a point , why does life hate me so much ?

''ugh , ok '' I stormed into the room slamming the door shut

I picked up my bag and started searching for a good outfit , I picked out black leather leggings

and a cute black crop top that showed off my belly along with black flats  ( don't judge I didn't know we're going clubbing so I didn't get heels)

I let my hair down and put a brush of mascara and lip gloss , I went out of the room and the three of them were stood there , looking at me

'' for a girl , you dress up very fast '' Harry said smiling

'' this top is extremely sexy on you .. wait , is that a belly piercing ?'' Zayn pointed to my belly

'' yes it is '' I sighed ''can we please go now ?'' I crossed my arms over my chest

'' yeah sure Mrs. Sexy '' Liam winked , yeah he must add his touch



after an extremely long ride , by me sitting next to Harry in the backseat , him talking about how he met his girlfriend and that I might be friends with her and other things that I didn't hear because I wasn't really pay attention , we were at the club

the disgusting smell of alcohol and smoke and sweat

how can anybody enjoy being here ?

Zayn was the one who ran to the bar , getting a giant bottle of whiskey while me and Harry sat down on stools near the bar and I was surprised to see that the bartender was Luke , the guy from the Science class

can this night get any better ?

the guys were already drinking as I starred at the dance floor , finally having some interest in it when I saw the familiar and lovely brown hair

I watched as he had a cup of something in his hand , dancing with a blonde girl , to be more specific ; Natalie

I gritted my teeth and my fist clenched into fists as I looked at how his hand worked up and down her body , I looked at Liam who was drinking non-stop

I pulled his arm and he looked at me confusingly

'' let's dance ''

'' you can't enjoy without drinking '' he said but I ignored him , dragging him to the center of the dance floor where Jack and Natalie were

I started swaying my hair , getting closer to Jack on purpose but he was very distracted by Natalie who was giggling and laughing

that made my blood boil and I didn't think when I pulled Liam and started kissing him , he immediately reacted by kissing back , his hands bringing me against him by the waist

I started grinding my hips on him as he started moaning , I kept taking side glances at Jack and was surprised that he was paying attention to me now , his eyes flashed hurt and his lips were partened

I ignored him and for once I felt a rush of confidence in me

I pulled Liam out of the dance floor and in front of the bar ''I want a drink '' I ordered

'' are you sure ?'' he smirked and I nodded

I sat on the stool beside a girl who looked at me disgustefuly , I think she's from our school but now I didn't mind

Liam handed me a colorful drink '' I didn't want to give you some strong drink so this will make you fly '' he chuckled , I looked at the drink one more time before taking it all in one gulp

my throat started hurting me but it made me feel flying somehow ''can I have another one ?'' I asked and he smirked giving me another

I did what I did with the other one and it started being lovely on my tongue , suddenly I felt the need to kiss Liam so I did

melting into the kiss

the lights flashed in my eyes so I closed them , everything was perfect and so overwhelming


'' I want you now Celine ''



cliffhanger !!!

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