Payne in Class // l.p

''you are being a Payne in Class instead of Pain in the Ass''


8. Chapter 7



'' babe I want you ''




'' Celine wake up you lazy head '' , I shot up looking around me , my vision still a bit blurry from sleeping , my head turned to Liam and I gave him a glare ''finally '' he huffed and sat on the corner of the bed ,smiling

''what's the time now ?'' I yawned , removing the duvet of my body

''it's 7:30 '', shit

I jumped out of bed , going to my bag that was laying on the ground picking up a pair of skinny black jeans and a red sweat shirt

''can you please go out ?'' I asked quickly

''yeah sure '' he smirked and went out of the room , I puffed a sigh of relieve and pulled my sweatpants down my legs , jumping in my black jeans . I pulled my shirt over my head and right then the door burst open

Liam's head popped in from the door and his eyes widened , I could feel my cheeks go a crimson color when his face showed a tiny cheeky smirk

'' breakfast is ready '' he mumbled before disappearing out of the room , closing the door behind him

I put on my top and my black high neck converse , brushing my brown waves, I picked up my bag and jogged out of the room ,downstairs to the kitchen

when I saw Liam sitting on a chair eating pancakes

he smiled at my direction and my face heated up again , I pulled out a chair and sat down without muttering a word to him , I ate a piece of my pancake and I felt full

''let's go we don't want to be late '' he spoke , putting on a leather jacket , somehow Mr. Payne managed to be attractive without trying to be

his hair is pulled back perfectly , his blue shirt and his black skinny jeans with his leather jacket , he looks very attractive and that's why I did believe that he was a students when I first saw him in the hallway

I can't believe that someone looking like him would be a teacher

'' may I ask you something ?'' I blurted out without thinking . he nodded assuringly with a smile

'' how old are you ?'' I asked folding my hands , he kept his eyes glued on the road but taking a few side glances at me

''I am 25 '' he spoke breaking the silence , it's not a big age difference for my opinion .wait ..why am I very interested ?

''what made you ask ?'' we stopped on a red light , he turned to look at me

''nothing I was just curious '' I mumbled 

''yeah right '' he laughed and his phone buzzed in his pocket and he picked it up quickly , I could hear faint voices on the other line and the sound was a male a strong familiar one

he ended the call and looked at me '' who was that ?'' I asked ,I don't mind my own business

''it's Zayn '' he shrugged and the light turned green ,making him speed off

 ''Zayn ? who is Zayn ?'' I thought


we made it to school on time and luckily for me , my first lesson was English .Liam walked ahead of me to class and I kept my slow steps

we entered the class and all the students starred at me and then at Mr. Payne

my eyes locked with Jack's and he looked away quickly

the seat beside him was taken by Natalie ,she smirked at me and pointed to the seat next to Harvey , the Nerd

I sighed and walked to him and sat down , he kept his head low as he wrote

tell me about something boring more than this ?




'' how was your classes ?'' Niall asked , his hands around Rylie , I faked a smile at him '' they're ok but Jack was avoiding me the whole day '' I whined

'' listen Celine , you're not paying much attention to Jack '' he turned serious

'' how ?'' I asked

'' look , you've been acting weird these past few days , when Jack asked to take you out after school , you refused without giving him a proper , he sure thinks that something is wrong '' he said right then Louis came holding hands with a girl with shoulder length hair and beautiful puppy hazel eyes

''hiya guys , this is Chelsea '' he smiled at  her direction , she flashed us a smile and we smiled back ,it look like i'm left alone right now

I wonder where is Jack right now ? he has the right to be upset but I just can't bare him avoiding me

'' Louis do you know where is Jack ?'' I asked

'' when I last saw him , he was in the Library '' he spoke and I thanked him before standing up

I walked out of the cafeteria and to the corridor where the library supposed to be , when the door of the library came into view , I was stopped by Liam who shoved me against the wall

''what the-'' he covered my mouth with his hand and then removed it , a little smirk playing on his lips

'' I've missed you '' he mumbled his face inching closer to mine , I couldn't help but to lean in , his breath neared me more and my breath hitched as his lips brushed mine , I slammed my eyes closed and enjoyed the minty taste of his lips . he bit my bottom lip asking for entrance and I gave him happily

his tongue explored every inch of my mouth and it seemed like nobody on earth can stop what's happing now , I felt the butterflies explode in my stomach

I was in a daze and I felt that nobody even mattered to me except him , until I heard footsteps followed by a cough , I opened my eyes and looked beside me , my eyes widening


''sorry to interrupt '' he said angrily but a flash of hurt visible in his eyes

''Jack ple-''

'' no thanks don't want to hear anything '' he turned around and started walking in the Library again , my eyes began to water and I immediately regretted what I did seconds ago

''Celine. I-''

''No Liam please leave me now '' I said walking past him

I stormed through the corridors and walked in the girls bathroom , locking myself in a stool ,I sat on the toilet and pulled my knees up to my chest

and started crying , why does life hate me so much ?


Liam's P.O.V

'' oh my god Liam , did you get her to stay with you for a week ?'' Harry exclaimed throwing his hands in the air , amusement set in his voice

''yeah '' I laughed , I picked out my phone and rang Celine's number , it was off

then I spotted her jogging out of the building her cheeks strained with tears ,I immediately felt bad

'' wait here Harry '' I mumbled and ran up to her ,her watery eyes looked up to meet mine and she wiped the tears from her eyes

'' what do you want ?'' she asked , he voice just above a whisper

'' c'mon we're going home '' I said and she nodded , I caught her hand and walked over to Harry

''hello Celine '' he sang and she sighed

''are you always like that , in class and out of class ?'' she rolled her eyes at him and he chuckled , then Zayn came running out of the building smirking , his hair looked all messed up and his shirt was half open

''sorry I had business to take care off '' Celine looked at him wide eyed and covered her mouth '' I think we better go '' I mumbled dragging Celine to the car along with the boys

''these are your friends ?'' she asked and I nodded chuckling




Opps . Jack found out

what do u think of the chappie , plz comment and I have Chosen Brenda as Liam's ex

she will be in the next chapter hopefully

I am making another contest for Harry's girlfriend and Zayn's friend with benefits , plz comment down your information

and by the way the next chapter contains some hot stuff ;) stay tunned



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