Payne in Class // l.p

''you are being a Payne in Class instead of Pain in the Ass''


7. Chapter 6


what the hell did I agree to ? spending a whole week with Mr. Payne ?

seriously ? what would I tell my parents ''oh sorry because I am going to spend the week with Mr. Payne , they pervert teacher ''

help me god

I stood in front of my house ,ringing the bell , with the second ring my mum opened the door , looking exhausted like ever ''what's wrong mum ?'' I asked studying her appearance

'' nothing's wrong honey ,I was just packing ''

''packing ?'' I raised an eyebrow at her and popped down on the couch , she smiled big at me and started explaining

'' me and your dad are going to visit your grandma in Ireland because she's sick '' she frowned

'' oh and how long are you going to be in Ireland ?'' I asked raising an eyebrow , I want to punch my fate right now because that's a lot to handle , seriously

Liam asks me to stay with him for the week and I was going to get an excuse by my parents and then they leave me here alone and go to Ireland

'' we will be gone for 2 weeks maximum '' she spoke and a smile planted itself on her lips '' I want you to behave and no friends coming here in the house , I don't want my house to be a jungle when I return '' she warned with a chuckle , believe me I won't be in the house even

'' I better go pack our bags quickly before your dad comes , we're leaving tomorrow morning by the way '' and with that she ran up stairs, leaving me with my misery

life sucks

I ran up stairs , putting on my pajamas and popping down on bed , I started doing my homework

when a cracking sound was heard , I walked over to the door but nothing was there , maybe I'm imagining things , right then a hand covered my mouth from behind , spinning me around and throwing me on bed , I prepared myself to scream when a smirking Liam stood in front of me

his eyes studied my body and his eyes darkened

''what the hell are you doing by sneaking in my room ? and how did you know where I live ? wait .where you stalking me or something ?''

''calm down Celine '' he chuckled and hovered over me '' I came to tell you that we're going to start our deal from tomorrow '' he said kissing my nose , as much as I loved this position we were in , it was the most awkward position I've ever been in

he was between my legs and his face was just inches  a apart of mine

'' oh '' was all he said before pulling away from me ''you look sexy in this pajama '' he smirked

'' mind leaving now ? I am busy with homework and my mum can come in any minute now you stalker '' I glared at him

'' it's no big deal Celine , I just wanted to know where you lived ''he whined and I galred at him pointing to my window

''get out '' I ordered

''ok '' he obeyed and climbed down until he landed safely in the grass , he waved at me but ignored him , going back in again , closing my window



I smiled at Niall who was walking with a beautiful girl beside him , he had his arm around her shoulder and she was grinning at him

''hey Niall '' I greeted

''hello Celine , this is Rylie , my girlfriend '' he spoke proudly , he girl smiled at me , her brown/green eyes sparkling '' nice to meet you Rylie '' I smiled and shook her hand then I felt arms wrap around me from behind , I smelled Jack's strong cologne

''hey babe '' he kissed me behind my ear and I laughed , I am very ticklish

'' I want to take you out today after school ''Jack said while playing with my hair ''yeah-I can't '' I frowned remembering the deal

'' and why not ?'' he raised an eyebrow

'' I have a test to study for '' I lied

''we have no tests Celine ''  he shot me a look

'' sorry Jack ''

''ok fine Celine '' with that he stormed off , angrily

I walked the other way going to my science class , god I hate that teacher Mr. Styles with passion

''hey Celine '' he winked as I sat down on my desk right then that Luke guy came and sat beside me '' hi Celine '' he smiled , biting his lip piercing

ugh god I hate school


it was the end of the day and Jack haven't spoken to me , I kept glancing at him but he ignored me completely

I walked to Mr. Payne's office and walked in without knocking or anything ,he smiled when he saw me

''ready for an interesting week Celine ?'' he asked

'' honestly no , not at all '' I rolled my eyes and he chuckled before gathering his things and standing up '' please just take me home first because I want to get my bag '' , he nodded


we made our way out of the building , some students were hanging out in front of the school , I kept my face down as I walked with Mr. Payne to his car , it was a white BMW

I hopped into the car and him along with In the driver seat , he smiled , turning on the engination

''honestly aren't you excited ?'' he asked

I shook my head biting my lip '' I can't stand you in classes , how am I going to cope with you for a whole week '' he faked hurt and I chuckled , he patted my thigh

''believe me it will be the best week of your life '' he smirked

'' I am not sure of that '' I pushed his hand of my thigh , he sighed driving off to my house

I brought my bag and we drove again , but this time to his house

'' ready ?'' he asked but I shook my head pouting ''c'mon ''

we walked in the now familiar house , I've been here before when he almost hit with his car

'' now Mr. Payne-'' he cut me off , by his finger slamming my lips shut

'' out of the school and I am only Liam, Mr. Payne sounds annoying '' he spoke , taking the bag from me

'' come on i'll show you , your room '' he lead me upstairs and opened a door for me , there was a queen sized bed with purple sheets and white paint on the walls with a big window beside a white wooden desk ''thanx Mr. Pay-'' he cut me off again but this time with his lips crashing into mine


it looks like an interesting week -_-




what do u think of the chappie ? plz tell me what do you think , i'll update very soon I promise !!



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