Payne in Class // l.p

''you are being a Payne in Class instead of Pain in the Ass''


6. Chapter 5


''you're mine now ''




'' are you free after school ?'' Jack asked me as I approached him , I smiled sadly and shook my head

''I have detention  '' I air quoted the word ' detention ' because I really don't know why I am going to detention

and it's really bothering me that I don't even know the reason I am punished , Jack looked at me confused , raising any eyebrow '' why ?'' he spoke biting his lip

'' umm, it's because I failed my English test '' I lied and prayed to god he would believe me

''oh '' was all he could say , he took his bag and looked at me one last time ''text me when you get home '' he pecked my lips sweetly and left the building

I let out a loud sigh and closed my locker going to Mr. Payne's office , the corridor was already empty my steps kept echoing until I stopped infront of his office , I knocked on the door delicately until his figure appeared

he looked annoyed at first but when he saw me , a smirk planted itself on his pink lips , I looked at him with a glare and he chuckled '' hey Celine '' he greeted , walking out of the office with me

'' may I ask why am I getting detention ?'' I asked , he stopped and looked at me

''because I want you to be in detention with me , since there's nobody is punished today '' he spoke ''we will be alone '' he whispered the last part , I wanted to run out of the school right now

is this teacher crazy ?

we stopped in front of a class room , a little one , Liam unlocked it and smirked at me , inviting me inside , I forced a smile and walked inside without uttering a word

'' sit down Celine '' he ordered and I nodded , sitting down in one of the front chairs , he sat in the teacher's desk and got out his phone , typing something and then putting it down , smirking at me

'' how's your boyfriend ? Jack was his name right ?'' he asked and I nodded ,why is he asking me about Jack

'' first of all I don't want flirtation in my class '' he turned serious

''excuse me ? we don't even flirt in your class or any other class '' I spoke my tone becoming angry

'' Celine listen to me , I don't like your attitude , you're being lovey dovey with him don't you see ?''

''it's your problem not mine and anyway he's my boyfriend '' I said standing up , crossing my arms over my chest in annoyance , what's wrong with this guy ?

he stepped closer to me '' I want to ask you a question '' he spoke , his voice beginning to be softer

I nodded '' does Jack make you feel like this ?'' he asked , I looked at him confused but it clicked in my mind when he cupped my cheek and melted his lips with mine

my stomach flipped as he pulled me closer to him by the waist , his hands slipped inside my tank top , touching my bare skin , then when I realized what I was doing , I pulled away quickly , locking my eyes with his chocolate brown ones

his large hands were rested on my hips and his breath was fanning my face

I tried to shrug him off but he didn't even flinch , he put his hand on the back of my neck bringing me head closer to his chest where I can hear his steady heartbeat

I pulled away from him and he smirked at me , his eyes darkening , '' you know Celine , I didn't get you in detention because I was alone '' he spoke '' I brought you here because your grades are getting low '' his tone became serious again , oops

'' really ?'' I asked , he nodded and smirked ''you know this is your last school year and I was thinking of something ..'' he trailed off and I looked at him worried

''maybe we can make a deal ?''

''what deal ?'' I looked at him confused

'' listen ,you can stay with me at my house for a week , and in the same time , I help you with English AND you make me what I want ''

''oh , first of all don't think I will make this stupid deal-'' he cut me off

''I am not taking no for an answer because we both need this deal'' he explained

''I only need it , why do you need it Mr. Payne ?'' I asked

''because I want you '' he whispered attacking me on the desk, his lips trailed a line of kisses across my jaw as I tried to push him of me

'' stop '' I yelled

'' I will stop if you agree '' he said

''no '' , ''then I won't stop ''

''ok I agree but please stop '' he let go off me and smirked at me with evil eyes

'' we're gonna have lots of fun Celine ''


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