Payne in Class // l.p

''you are being a Payne in Class instead of Pain in the Ass''


5. Chapter 4

'' how was your class ?'' Jack asked as I walked out of the Spanish class with Niall

''good '' I mumbled and started walking ahead of them

''Celine wait '' Jack called and I stopped with a long sigh

''what ?'' I asked , my tone got out harsh but I didn't mean it like that

''what's wrong ? you seem maybe tired ?''

''yeah , it was a long day and I am very tired ''I faked a smile and stopped at my locker and got my English things , I still can't think straight

the events of the day made me feel dizzy

''c'mon we're going to be late '' he said and took a hold of my hand , dragging me through the corridors to English

Mr. Payne didn't come yet and I was actually happy to not to see him , I don't want to deal with shit like this , I am in my last school year and if anybody found out about the kisses we shared ,me and Mr. Payne would be saying goodbye to this school

I can't risk that

I sat in the back of the class with Jack , I hope that Mr. Payne doesn't even realize I am here because I don't want any conversation

''hello class '' speaking of the devil , he entered the class his eyes searching in all the students and then his eyes stopped on me

shit I am seen

and then his eyes left me and looked beside me , I followed his gaze and it was landing on Jack , who was writing something in his notebook

I looked at both of them confused when I saw Liam biting his lip , an unreadable expression written on  his face

''Jack '' he called '' give these papers out '' Jack nodded , taking the sheets from Mr. Payne and giving them out

Mr. Payne smirked and walked over to me ''stand up Celine '' he whispered ,I stood up and faced him , Jack was busy giving out the papers and so everybody else

''you have detention after school '' he whispered and walked away , I questioned myself ''what did I do wrong ?''



sorry , short chapter but I'm really busy with my basketball trainings

I wanted to do a contest for

Niall's girlfriend

Louis' Girlfriend

and Liam's ex


all you have to do is fill those :

Name :


Personality :

Which part :

anything else :


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