Payne in Class // l.p

''you are being a Payne in Class instead of Pain in the Ass''


4. Chapter 3



''so what are you doing after school ?''I asked Jack while getting out my things for next class , Science

'' I am going to study with Niall History '' he shrugged and offered to take my things and I nodded really grateful to be his girlfriend

''and what about you ?'' he asked

'' I think i'll study for the math test next week'' we walked to the Science Lab where the students already came seated in their seats , organized

some were on their phones and some were quite

'' see you after Class'' Jack kissed me on the cheek and gave me my thing disappearing in the hallway , I pouted and walked to an empty seat beside Natalie

the blonde slut in the school

''this seat is taken '' she smirked

''I can't see anybody '' I smirked back and she glared at me chewing on her gum , hard

right then the Science teacher came in , Mr. pervert Styles

'' hello Class '' he called and smiled in my direction , I rolled my eyes , after a week of those teachers , I still can't cope

'' today we are going to be paired in partners so we can make less effort in making our projects , you don't get to choose your partner , I will pair you up'' he said and the class went boo for him

shame Mr. Styles

'' Natalie with Jason , Selena and Jennifer , Sarah and Sophia --------- and Celine with Luke '' he ended the list , I looked around me searching for that Luke Dude and I spotted a blond guy with blue eyes sitting in the corner , he had a lip piercing and I can see a faint tattoo on his arm, well that's great always paired with bad boys



'' I want to have your number Celine '' Luke called behind me , I turned around and sighed , I grabbed a peace of paper from my notebook and wrote my number giving it to him

''see you around beautiful '' he winked

as I walked through the corridors I heard strange voices echoing , the hallway was already empty and only this sound could be heard

it was like someone hurting someone , and a wincing voice , my curious self told me to follow the sound and I actually followed and it lead me to staff room , I started exploring the whole staff room until I stopped dead in my tracks from the sight in front of me

''what the hell?''

their heads turned to me and they both fell from the desk, Natalie's face was flushed read and Mr. Payne's was shit


'' Celine? what is that Natalie , Kissing our English Teacher ?'' I asked crossing my arms over my chest

she ignored me and took her bag running out of the staff room, I was about to leave when Mr. Payne caught my wrist

''leave me ''

'' why are you so angry about it , you did the same actually '' he said smirking

'' no ,but,ugh ....I didn't know you were the English teacher '' I defended myself

'' the English teacher has the right to kiss'' he said simply

'' he does but first of all not at school and second of all not one of the students and third of all-''

I was cut off when a warm feeling took over my body once again , I widened my eyes and saw that his eyes were closed shut , I dropped my bag on the floor ,still couldn't process what's happening

'' I like you very much Celine '' he whispered

my English teacher is a bad guy who kisses very well !!

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