Payne in Class // l.p

''you are being a Payne in Class instead of Pain in the Ass''


3. Chapter 2



'' hello Celine '' I looked up to be met by the now familiar eyes of Liam , I looked around me and the whole class was standing up , starring at me like I was sick

'' Hi Liam '' I simply said trying figure out what's going on , he smirked slightly and his face came closer to mine '' you mean Mr. Payne '' he whispered and walked away

my eyes widened at the sudden realization and I covered my mouth with my hand

'' so class , I am your new English teacher , replacement for Mrs. Evans until she comes back from her holiday '' he smiled at us then his eyes landed on me

'' we are going to start with some sort of writing about something you like very much '' he spoke confidently then slammed his palms on my desk making me jump, almost fall from my seat

'' and something you hate '' he walked away and sat down in his desk , reading whatsoever in his notebook , I looked around me ,everybody was already writing in their papers about what Mr. Payne said

I got out a white peace of paper and started writing slowly trying to get every word right but by the eyes burning into me of Mr. Payne I couldn't focus at all

''what's wrong Celine ?'' Jack whispered already finished with his work

'' um nothing , I am just trying to write '' I shrugged and started writing again

when I was finished I slammed my head on the desk and closed my eyes , I am not very good with English because I was born in France and my main language is French so what do you expect ?

'' Jack '' Mr. Payne called out for Jack '' collect the papers and make sure every paper has a name on it '' he sighed

'' ok '' Jack said and started collecting the papers including mine , I closed my eyes and caught my breath

I opened my eyes to see that Mr. Payne was looking at me again , he looked down to a peace of paper , I am guessing my writing and smirked at me

I gave him a confused look and he motioned to me to come over to him , I nodded and stood up from my seat , walking to him slowly


'' you've wrote lots of things in French '' he smirked

'' I am sorry '' I spoke quietly


finally the lesson ended and I was relieved that it actually did , I didn't want to deal with Liam or Mr. Payne whatever is it

I actually kissed my English teacher without knowing that he is my English teacher , but he's the one who kissed me ,ugh that's confusing

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket so I got it out and read the text from Jack

hey babe , I won't be able to give you a ride home cuz I have tons of work and a private lesson , I am sorry :( x

I groaned opening my locker getting my bag out and turning to wallk out of the school , the cool breeze hit my face as I walked out of the school and into the front gate where I found Niall walking with a blonde girl ,I sighed and started t walk down the road

it was green light signaling for people to walk in the street freely

I started to walk , my eyes glued in front of me until I heard a car speed up , I stood in my place stunned not able to process what's happening

then the car stopped suddenly before hitting me , I felt dizzy and fell to the ground ,my eyes closing slightly

I heard a voice call my name then everything went black


I snuggled closer to my comfortable pillow and opened my eyes slowly , everything seemed to be different , walls painted blue instead of my purple ones , I was laying on a huge bed that I didn't recognize

I sure wasn't home

I rubbed my eyes and looked up

'' oh finally awake '' Lia- Mr. Payne rubbed his temples and looked at me

'' where am I ?''

'' you're at my house '' he simply stated

'' oh really ? why did you bring me here ?'' my volume raised but it came out cracking because of my tire

'' well I've almost hit you with my car and you blacked out I don't know why so I brought you here '' he shrugged and handed me a cup of water

I accepted it only because my mouth was dry and stood up'' where are you going ?''

'' I am going home , I have lots of homework to do, thank you '' I said and rushed out of the room but before I can take another step, he grabbed my arm and spun me around

'' see you tomorrow Celine '' he kissed my cheek and let go of my arm

is this a teacher or a teenager ?



Chapter Goal : 15 Likes


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