Payne in Class // l.p

''you are being a Payne in Class instead of Pain in the Ass''


2. Chapter 1

'' beep, beep , beep''

''ugh , stupid alarm '' I groaned throwing the alarm at the floor , making it drop with a thud , I sighed and removed the covers from my body

'' Celine , wake up NOW '' mum yelled from outside my room

I walked into the bathroom deciding on a hot shower before I go to school, again ..I rinsed my hair quickly and wrapped the towel around my body

running out of the bathroom , picking my short black skirt and purple crop top with my black vans

I took my stuff in my bag and ran downstairs to see mum sitting in the kitchen reading the newspaper

'' good morning mum '' I greeted , picking an apple from the countertop ,'' good morning sweets '' she returned the gesture with a smile upon her face '' I have to go now or I'll be late '' I said blowing her a kiss and leaving the house


'' hey Celine '' I heard a voice behind me and I quickly turned around , smiling at the sight of Niall

'' hey Ni '' I greeted giving him a teddy bear hug

'' did you hear about the new teachers ?'' he asked with a grin

'' no '' I simply replied to show him I am not interested in the topic of teachers, I honestly don't like anything that's related to school or that crap

'' they say they are hot ''

'' Niall did you become a gay ?'' I chuckled and he smacked my arm, rolling his eyes

''no'' she shrugged


'' so students Mrs. Evans , Mr. Brown and Mr. Tomas are replaced with new teachers '' the principle spoke in the microphone '' because they are in a long holiday '' he spoke again and all the girls jumped up making me roll my eyes

Mrs. Evans was one of my favorite English teachers

'' did you hear the news? '' Jack came from behind me and I nodded giving him a kiss on the cheek

'' yeah , but I didn't want Mrs. Evans to leave '' I pouted making him chuckle and peck my lips

'' anyway , let's go to the art class and see out new teacher '' he said and I nodded following behind him

my phone vibrated in my pocket as I took it out reading the message from my mum :

hey sweetie , I am going to be out today and I am comin-

'' ouch '' I rubbed my bum as I looked up and met by brown wide eyes

'' I am sorry '' he spoke , his British accent showing

'' no I am sorry '' I smiled

'' what's your name ?'' he asked with a little smirk

'' I am C-celine and you ?''

'' I am Liam , Liam Payne '' he said and left quickly , I raised an eyebrow and then started walking again

I didn't see this Liam guy at school before , maybe he is new ?maybe

I looked at the empty corridor surrounding me that made me realize I am late for class, I ran through the corridors until I stumbled in front of the class room

I opened the door and panted heavily , palming my knees

'' late Miss ..''

'' I am sorry '' I looked up and saw a young man , I guess the new teacher , but let me tell you he wasn't a teacher at all

'' I am Mr. Malik , go and sit and get out your sketch '' he ordered and I obeyed like a lost puppy , all the students starred at me like I am kind of creep coming from another planet

I gave them all a glare and made my way to the back of the class , sitting beside Jack

'' so as you all know , Mr. Tomas is having a long holiday till next year '' Mr. Malik spoke '' I am going to be his replacement ''

 a blonde girl raised her hand and he gave her the permission to talk

'' aren't  you so young to be a teacher ?'' she asked with a smirk

the whole class started laughing at him and he glared at the girl

'' and aren't you a bitch to be in my class ?'' he replied with ease and she gasped

'' a teacher with attitude '' I mumbled to Jack and he chuckled silently


>>> lunch time <<<


'' so how is the day been going ?'' Niall asked with a smirk

'' honestly it's horrible , the art teacher has a strange attitude and he swears a lot  , and the Science teacher is flirting with the girls in the class , are they teachers or perverts ?'' I rolled my eyes and he chuckled

'' they are nothing in front of the English teacher '' he spoke making me look at him

''is he worse than them ?'' he nodded his head and I sighed feeling tired of all this , I started eating again the someone caught my eyes


'' excuse me Niall I'm going to the bathroom''

I made my way over to him and studied him closely , he took his tray of food and walked out of the cafeteria , my curiosiness didn't help me from following him so I did

he walked through the corridors and then stopped , turning around  , I thanked god I was hidden behind a locker

'' isn't it rude to stalk someone ?'' his voice echoed in the corridor and then I heard footsteps coming closer to my hidden spot

god damn it , he knows that I am following him

''huh Celine ?'' he asked popping his head in front of me making me jump and scream

''why were  you stalking me ?'' he asked me with a smirk

'' I wasn't ''

'' no you was '' he spoke placing his tray on the floor

'' no I was-''

he cut me off by collieding his lips with mine hungrily , '' you were '' he whispered and pulled away leaving me there stunned in my place

I looked at him one last time and ran again inside the Cafeteria , I saw Niall sitting with Louis as I made my way there

'' what took you so long ?''

'' nothing'' I mumbled and started eating again


'' you have English ?'' Niall asked and I nodded getting my things from my locker ,''good luck Celine '' he laughed and walked away

I think he's not going to be worst than the others especially the Science teacher

I walked to class quickly not wanting to be late again, I made it to class in n time ,the teacher wasn't even here , so I took it as a chance to play on my phone a little bit

then silence surrounded me and a shadow appeared In front of me , I am deep trouble

I looked up and my eyes widened

'' hello Celine ''




the first chapter is out , tell me what do u think




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