It all started in GLEE CLUB

"Hi I'm Louis" I said sticking my hand out to the bubbly girl version of me. "Cue!" She exclaimed shaking my hand like a 4year old. We beamed at each other.
Louis' grades are at stake so he has to join, golf, stamp club, or GLEE CLUB! What happens when Louis meets Cue in GLEE CLUB? Found out in... It all started in GLEE CLUB!!!


2. ==Two==

Cue's POV.


I was walking down they hallway with my best friend, Soloan.

I saw a sign-up sheet.

It said:



I stopped Soloan.

"Look Soloan!!!" I squealed.

"AHH! They have a glee club!!" Soloan danced.

Me and Soloan loveeeeee! Absolutely LOVE! Singing.

"I'm signing up" I told.

'Cue Jones' I mouthed as I wrote it.

"Me too" Soloan mumbled.

"Soloan Doe" she said slowly.

"Hey Soloan!! Let's go try out!!!!" I squealed pulling her to the auditorium.


"Hello what's your name and what are you singing??" The teacher asked.

"Hello I'm Cue Jones and I'll be singing firework by Katy Perry!!" I exclaimed hearing the the music.

"Do you ever feel like a plastic bag??"

"Drifting threw the wind wanting to start again?"

"Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin?"

"Like a house of cards one blow from caving in?"

"You just gotta Ignite the light and let it shine!"

"Like the forth of July!"

"Cause baby your a firework!"

"Come on let the colors burst"

"Make 'em go oh oh oh"

"As you shoot across the sky!"

"Stop please" the teacher said.

I frowned. "Was I bad?" I mumbled into the mic.

"No no no! You're great!!!" The teacher exclaimed. "But you sang enough for me to know that..."

He slowed down on talking......



"AHH" I screamed and ran to Soloan.

"I got in to Chica!!" Soloan said.

Soloan is Mexican so she calls me Chica.

Soloan has pitch black hair and red streaks and big brown eyes.

"Come on let's go to Spanish class!" Soloan said dragging me out of the auditorium.

"Like you need it" I murmured.

"Shut it!!" She laughed and we walked into Spanish.

(A/N: sorry I don't know much of the firework lyrics!! Love you my Tacos$)

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