It all started in GLEE CLUB

"Hi I'm Louis" I said sticking my hand out to the bubbly girl version of me. "Cue!" She exclaimed shaking my hand like a 4year old. We beamed at each other.
Louis' grades are at stake so he has to join, golf, stamp club, or GLEE CLUB! What happens when Louis meets Cue in GLEE CLUB? Found out in... It all started in GLEE CLUB!!!


1. >One<

Cue's POV.


Hola Amigos!!! Haha that's Spanish!! I'm Cue Jones!! I have light pink hair and black tips. My hair is originally a really dark brown. I have greenish blueish eyes with gold speckles. I love singing and pretend to be a Model! I'm 16, and single.I'm in my sophomore year!

Haha that's me!!

Louis' POV.


Hidi, Hi!! I'm Louis Tomlinson! I have brown hair and blueish greenish eyes. I'm the team Captain of our schools football (soccer) team. I love singing but sercretly!! So, shhh!! I'm 16, I'm single and in my sophomore year!

Hahahahahahahahaha! Sorry laughing attack for no reason! Anyway that's me!


(A/N: Hii guys! Do you guys like it? Yeah Nawh? Hope y'all like it once it gets more interesting!! I just love the show 'glee' so I'm writing a book!!! No it's not based on the show!! Love you my Tacos$)

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