Hey Mr.Tommo? Grow up!!

"Hey Mr.Tommo?" I spoke as he walked away laughing "yeah?" He spun to face me " Grow up!!" I spat and walked away leaving a shocked Louis. Well good he shattered me.
Ally, normal girl. But then One Direction has ended and they all decide to go to high school! That just happened to be Ally's. Louis and Ally instantly like each other but Louis starts pull so many pranks on her. She thinks he doesn't like her and shatters her. This is a 2books series!


2. 2

Chapter 2: My little Irish man!


Me and my friends 5SOS the not so popular band.

(A/N: I love 5SOS!!)

There popular to me. I sitting by myself on one side and 5SOS was on the other side. I thought I sitting by myself on that side but no..... One Direction was sitting beside me.

Curse having so much room!!!

Louis Tomlinson plopped himself beside me. Niall beside him then Liam and Zayn and then Harry! Nooooo!!

"Go sit somewhere else!" I hissed "how about with the populars?" I asked pointing to the waving Barbie dolls.

"I rather sit here" Niall said "ok Irish man" I mumbled hoping he wouldn't here. Niall is a cutie thou. He's another one that I guess I kinda like.

"YAY A NICK NAME FROM THE ONE DIRECTION HATER!!!" Niall yelled coming to hug me. I hugged back. It felt nice.

I looked at Louis he looked jealous?? Weird.

"Your a cute little Irish man y'know?" I asked him pulling away. He blushed. Damn that's cute. "Thanks your cute to" he said "thanks" I blushed to.

"So you to gonna date?" Ashton asked wiggling his eyebrows at me. I looked at Niall. He nodded really slowly. I nodded slowly also. "YAY!!" 5SOS screamed. I scowled at them.

They just shrugged,

At the same time. -_-

"Hey 1D let's exchange numbers ok?" I sasses them. Louis smirked at me. Well he's hot when he smirks.

I gave them my phone which they passed around and they piled there phones In front of me.

I put my number in. They handed my phone back to me.

I looked at what there contacts were.

Mr. Sexy Tomlinson ;). Haha Louis

Little leprechaun man<3. Niall!


Zaynie poo :). Zayn

Mr. Curly!!!!! Harry!

"Yeah nice names!" I laughed looking at them. They all smiled at me.

I put my contact as:

Ally Jones, SUCKAS!!

I know I'm creative!

"So Niall meet me at Starbucks at 6 tonight!" I said grabbing my book bag and pecking Niall's cheek and hugging 5SOS and waving at the rest on 1D and walked out.

(A/N: Heyo my potatos!!! Haha. Dint except Niall and her to be together huh?? Love you my Tacos$)

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