Alleyway Run In

My name is Carrie, I'm 17 years old, I will be a senior in high school at the end of summer and my parents just moved us to London. I used to live in Phoenix where every day during the summer was at least 105•f. My dad got moved to another base every 3-6 months so I guess you could say I was used to being the new girl. He was a pilot for the US army. We got put in London because apparently there were some new pilots that had to be trained. The only good thing so far about London was the accents. Oh and there was that one boy I met in the alley way on the way home.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I rushed home after school and got on my laptop. My favorite band, 5 seconds of summer, just released their new music video. As I plugged in my headphones my phone buzzed in my back pocket. It was from my best friend, Amanda. We had known each other since kindergarten and I missed my bubbly, blonde best friend.

Amanda: hey beautiful girl! I hope you are having fun in London. Can't wait for you to come visit. Miss you lots!

I smiled to myself and texted back.

Carrie: hey love! I'm having tons of fun thanks! I'm so excited to visit you too. Miss you more!!! See you soon.

The video ended and I realized I didn't have homework that night. It was so different from the school back home. The teachers were way nicer then back at home and the students were more stuck up than in Phoenix, and we had no homework on the first day!! I decided to go to the little coffee shop just down the street from our house. I walked through the alleyway I used the second day. I realized about halfway down the alley, that this was where I first saw Harry. His emerald green eyes and curls seemed to haunt me as he was in my ever class. I figured that I had walked too far to turn back now, so I continued walking down the alley, pulling my hoodie onto my head and fixing my eyes on the dusty path in front of my feet.

Thankfully I emerged from the alleyway without running into curly. I pulled the hood off of my head and entered the dimly lit coffee shop. After I ordered a vanilla latte I sat down in the brown, plush sofa and pulled out the copy of my favorite book, The Goose Girl. I took a sip of my warm latte and sighed as it warmed by body from the London chill. I then took my mind away from this cold place and journeyed to the 1700's. The princess was running through the water when I felt the spot next to me sink down. I paid no attention to the new addition of the coffee shop and kept reading until I heard the person next to me clear their throats. I looked up and I felt my eyes widen in shock and I struggled to keep my jaw from hitting the floor.

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