Alleyway Run In

My name is Carrie, I'm 17 years old, I will be a senior in high school at the end of summer and my parents just moved us to London. I used to live in Phoenix where every day during the summer was at least 105•f. My dad got moved to another base every 3-6 months so I guess you could say I was used to being the new girl. He was a pilot for the US army. We got put in London because apparently there were some new pilots that had to be trained. The only good thing so far about London was the accents. Oh and there was that one boy I met in the alley way on the way home.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

"Hi Harry" I said shyly as a embarrassed flush rose to my cheeks.

"You're new here right?" the masculine voice sang.

I giggled at the comment and nodded my head. Before he could say another word the bell rang and Mrs. Wheeler started teaching. Every once in a while I took a glance at the boy from the alleyway. Once again he was wearing a tight shirt that showed off his well defined muscles. His corded arms led to strong, broad shoulders. I started to think of running my thin fingers over the chiseled muscles of his bare back and tracing his symmetrical face in my sketch pad. Doodling a small sketch of the outline of his face I was in awe of how sculpted it was including the one small scar that sat on the angle of his chin. I snapped out of it when I heard the release bell. I quickly packed up all my stuff and ducked out of the class.

Looking at my schedule I saw that I had human anatomy next hour, my favorite. I had always wanted to be a doctor so anything science related is a liking of mine. I started to walk up the stairs to my next hour. By the time I walked all the way up the two sets of stairs, I was out of breath and my legs groaned at me, begging me to sit down. I walked in as the bell rang and I rushed in the back corner again. I wasn't big on attention and the front was never my thing. As I sat down, guess who walked in. Yours truly in the flesh and bone with a petite blonde cuddling up to his side. I could tell that today would be a long, grueling day.

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