Alice and Lauren: The Return

Alice and Taylor are trying their best to keep their relationship going, and so are Chase and Lauren. What happens when disaster strikes, again?


14. What a Morning

Lauren's POV

I opened my eyes. Quite a position everyone was in. My head was on Chase's shoulder, Alice's head was on my legs and her arms dangled off the sofa. Taylor was literally about to fall off the sofa. He had his legs behind Alice, his body was on the edge of the sofa, one of his arms was on the back of the sofa, and his other arm was holding Alice's hand. Aww...? His head was on the arm of the sofa and I really hoped he didn't fall, to be honest.

Alice raised her head. "Get off." I whispered. She darted up and walked to the kitchen. I forgot she was a sleep-walker. I got up and carried her back to the couch. I tried to sing to her like Chase does with me. She finally fell asleep. I took a pillow and tossed it at Chase.

I can't count how many times I've done that.

Chase almost jumped out of his skin, it was hilarious. "Get up." I said laughing. "Lauren, you're laughing!" He said jokingly. He got up and took my hand in his. "Are you feeling better?" He asked. "Yeah. You?" I asked. "Yep." He said. We stared for a moment and he leaned in for a kiss.

"Eww, get a cave already." Taylor piped up. Chase started laughing. I haven't seen him laugh since I met him. I missed his a-dork-able laugh.

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