Alice and Lauren: The Return

Alice and Taylor are trying their best to keep their relationship going, and so are Chase and Lauren. What happens when disaster strikes, again?


5. We're am I?

                                                                   (Alice's POV)

   I feel cold. My body is shaking. The surface beneath me is cold and smooth. "AHH!" A sharp pain shot through my wrist. I pried open my eyes though it didn't do me any good. The room was as dark as night. But I could smell blood. My nose was very sensitive. I tried to stand up but I had no energy. I felt light headed. "We'll look who's awake." I heard a male voice say. It was deep. I heard a click. A hall of lights came on one at a time. A boy, about 20, was at the other end of the hall of lights. He was very handsome. He had black hair and red eyes. He slowly walked towards me. "What are you gonna d-do to m-me?" I asked shakily. "Feed dear. Your all here for me. Any girl who is out after curfew? Here. Any girl aimlessly walking around in the night? Here. Any girl stupid enough to sit on a windowsill? Here!" I shook. "N-no! Please l-let me g-go." I begged. "Oh don't worry." He lifted my chin. "I will make worth your while. When ever I bit you, you'll fell... Fantastic. And very, very loyal. Always." I was being hypnotized... Again. I did fell loyal. I had to. He bit my wrist, which already had a bite mark, and it did hurt but also felt good. And I felt loyal. Wether I liked it or not.


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