Alice and Lauren: The Return

Alice and Taylor are trying their best to keep their relationship going, and so are Chase and Lauren. What happens when disaster strikes, again?


9. Lauren's okay

                                                              (Alice's POV)

   I had been in this room all night. That's when Lauren walked. "Alice what happened?" She asked motioned towards my leg. "I took your dare and jumped out the window stupid. She's starring at my wrist. "What? What's wrong with my wrist?" I looked at it and there was a crest shaped scar. "Where are we?" She asked. I rolled my eyes. "The hospital, genius." What was wrong with her? She's usually the one pulling the wise cracks. "Oh..." She whispered. "Hey Lauren's awake." The boys walked in. Her eyes lite up. "Chase! Your okay!" She super speeded up to him and hugged. Taylor came over and kissed me. "Hey, are you okay?" He asked quietly. I nodded. He kissed me again. "I'm so glad you're okay!" Lauren cried into Chase's chest. Why is she being weird? "Hello everybody." The doctor walked in. Lauren growled. "Caleb..." She hissed. "Yes Lauren my name is Caleb." He smiled sinisterly. And he pounced on Chase.   

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