Alice and Lauren: The Return

Alice and Taylor are trying their best to keep their relationship going, and so are Chase and Lauren. What happens when disaster strikes, again?


1. A night with friends

                                                                     (Alice's POV)

 "AHH!" I hid in Taylor's chest. "Ha, ha!" Lauren and Chase sat on the other couch, laughing at the gore. The zombie on the the flat screen chased the women. My family's large living room was dark. My mom, dad, little brother, and I lived in a large loft in the center of the city. Both my parents were doctors so we were kinda rich. I clutched Taylor, who patted my back. I heard a chainsaw and held him tighter. "Looked at all the blood!" Screamed Lauren, she and Chase loved cheesy horror movies. I hated them. Taylor sat there causally, like having me cling to him was an everyday thing. I heard him sigh, the movie was over. I looked up. Chase looked at his watch. "Well Taylor, looks like we have to go." Chase got up and so did Taylor. "Aww." Lauren sighed. "Babe, I'll see you tomorrow." He said. They had a long sweet kiss. I looked at Taylor. He picked me up and kissed me. "Love ya." He said. "Love ya more." 

The boys had left and Lauren was setting up in my room for our sleepover. "Uh, there's way to much pink in here." She shook her head. I undid my ponytail. "Lauren your hungry aren't you?" I changed into a pink tee shirt and zebra print sweatpants. She nodded. Chase had brought over some blood substitute from the café. I handed her her cup. "Here." She slurped it down. "Alice! Go to bed!" My mom shouted. "Okay!" Called up. Lauren changed into some black Marvel tee and some black sweats. Then we played truth or dare...



Authors note: We're back... Enjoy the new book!

                                                            <3 Ferretsrock982

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