Alice and Lauren: The Return

Alice and Taylor are trying their best to keep their relationship going, and so are Chase and Lauren. What happens when disaster strikes, again?


7. A flame inside me

                                                   (Alice's POV)

   This fire inside me is strong. It hurts, no it burns. I am virtually blind. But I can hear. Voices. I can also feel. One pair of cold arms is wrapped around me and a pair of warm ones. I savored the moments. I had to. Because in a few minuets I would die. That man, Caleb, had bit me enough times to have quarts of venom in me. Like I had heard Taylor say before, "this isn't Twilight." and the venom will kill me not turn me. I heard snarling. I tried to connect into Lauren's mind. "Lauren..." My mind is a faint whisper. "Alice! What's wrong? What happened. What are we gonna do?" I can't answer. I start to slip. Then I heard a crack. "Chase!" Lauren screamed. I felt the cold arms slip. What had happened to Chase? I was real worried. If he died it would be all my fault. Chase was as close to me as a brother. He always acted like one to. "Stay with me Aly. Please!" Taylor! He called me Aly because he thinks Alice is to long. I have to. I just wish I had enough energy to tell him or Lauren what to do. Caleb knew  I was going to die so he told me how to live. He taunted me. A vampire who could resist my blood could suck the venom out. To me it sounds like Twilight. My body starts to twitch and heave. The whole world goes dark.

                                                     (Taylor's POV)

   She's dying! "Stay with me Aly. Please!" I'm screaming. "I love you." I clutch her. I see a trickle of blood escape her mouth. "Lauren!" I turn to see he wailing on Caleb and Chase lying with his head in an unnatural position. "I'm busy!" Her eyes were red and she was furious. This called guy was missing an arm and a leg. She kept throwing pieces into the flames. I held Alice. Her heart began to slow. "Alice!" I was yelling. Lauren came over and grabbed her wrist. She stuck it in her mouth. "What are you doing?!" I screeched. She gave me the "give-me-a-second-if-you-want-her-to-live" look. I nodded. "I love you more."    

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