Adopted? By who you may ask. Simon Cowell. Trust me, I had NO idea what I was getting into.


22. Thats Interesting.

Calums phone vibrated after we got out of the shower. We both checked our phones and had like 30 missed texts and calls from Luke. Shit.

I texted him back.

(E- Emily, C- Calum, L- Luke)

E- ayye, sorry just now saw these, whats up😬

C- same.


C- i took a shower not a big deal👌

E- i slept. Calum woke me up.

L- michael said he woke you up.

E- i went back to sleep.


E- umm sure.

C- give us like 5 minuits.

L- umm, ok.

"What the fuck we both have wet hair he's gonna know somethings up." Calum said.

"I- umm, i'll get in the shower and then i'll have an excuse." I said.

"Gottcha. We have 2 minuits left. You better go." He said pointing towards the door.

I ran in the bathroom and turned the shower on hopping in quickly since i already had my clothes off.

"Hey bro." I heard Luke say as the door opened outside.

Since I didnt want Calum actually watch me ya know like shave my legs and stuff, I decided to do that while I was in here now.

After I got done with all that, I hopped out grabbing the towel.

"Shit." I cursed.

I had left all my clothes in the room. I wouldnt mind if it was just Calum, but Luke is with him. I dont want him to see me like this. Well, I guess im gonna have to face it mabey they wont notice.

I slowly opened the door. Both boys turned to look at me. Shit.

"I- umm have to change. I forgot my clothes out here. Sorry." I said walking past them.

As soon as I got i front of Calum, he yanked my towel down.

"Fuck you." I said.

"So you want to again?" He asked.

Luke turned to Calum.

"Again?" He asked in a stern voice.

"Ohh, umm- we-" Calum stuttered.

"Its an inside joke. You wouldnt get it. We were watching this wierd movie and there was this one crazy line and yeah. Dont worry about it." I said.

"That better be true." Luke rolled his eyes.

Meanwhile, Calum couldnt stop looking at me up and down u till i finally picked up my towel again. He grabbed my wrist and pulled my towel off again.

"Calum?" I asked.

"What?" He asked sitting me in his lap.

He grabbed my boobs and started massaging them.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked.

"Yeah seriously?" Luke asked.

"Just looking." Calum smirked.

"With your hands? Back off. Their not yours." I said getting up off his lap.

I walked over to my bag and bent down to look for clothes.

"Holy fuck thats hot." I heard Calum mumble.

"Fuck off and quit staring." I said picking up my bag so he couldnt look at my ass while i was trying to cover it.

I pulled out some undergarments and put them on. I also pulled out some really short shorts and a sweatshirt that had galaxy print on the front. I put a beanie over my head after i dried my hair and pulled on some over the knee black socks. ( )

"Damn." Luke mumbled.

"Those socks are fucking hot. Im gonna have to ask you to take them off or im gonna make Luke leave and im gonna rip your clothes off and fuck you right here. Unless you want Luke to watch." Calum said.

"Im leaving them on and were not having sex Calum." I said.

"I like your beanie." Luke smiled.

Im just now noticing he has the same one on.

"I like yours too." I smiled.

"Thanks." He teased.

"Representing your own band. I'll take it. Why is it so damn col in this room?" I asked.

"I dont know. But i'll hug you if you want." Calum said as I sat on the bed beside the two boys.

"What if I wanted to hug someone else?" I asked.

"Who would that be?" Calum asked crossing his arms.

I jumped up and ran to Niall and Harrys room. I heard the two boys follow me. I knocked on the door and Niall answered shirtless. I blushed. Wow. I ran to him and hugged him tightly.

"Niall." I said.

"So you'll hug Niall but you wont hug me?" Calum asked.

I nodded my head.

"Why?" He asked.

"Niall's warmer and he smells better." I teased.

"Oh really?" Calum asked.

"What about me?" Luke asked.

"You smell better than him too." I laughed.

"Whats going on?" Nial asked putting his arms around my back.

"Well, i was like why is it so cold and Calum said i'll hug you if you want and i was like nahh i wanna hug someone else and then he's like who then i ran here and hugged you." I explained.

"Whats going on with you two?" Harry asked.

"Hugging." We said at the same time.

"And there is two idiots in the doorway." I said.

"Yep." Niall said.

"Well, im warm now. Bye Niall." I said kissing his nose.

"Bye" although it sounded more like a question when he said it.

I walked back into the hallway. It was only Luke.

"Calum went on back." He said.

"I guessed so." I laughed.

"Your such a dork. But your laugh is adorable." He said trying to grab my hand.

I pulled away not knowing thats what he was doing.

"Yeah yours is more adorable." I said slightly pushing him.

He snapped and pushed me against the wall.

"You know, Calums right. Those socks and really fucking sexy." He breathed onto my neck.

Woah where the hell did this guy come from? Im used to dorky Luke. Not call me daddy while I fuck you Luke. He kissed my neck down and found my soft spot and started sucking.

"L-Luke" I moaned.

"What babygirl?" He asked.

I moaned as he went back to kissing my neck. My hands found my way to his hair and i pulled on it alittle earning a soft moan from him.

His hand traveled up my shirt and my bra. He started playing with my boob. Holy shit. I moaned alittle more.

"Fuck." He moaned.

"Whats wrong?" I asked.

He grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch. He's really hard. I looked down. I gave him a boner. Well thats nice.

I smirked as I pushed my hand down his pants making sure NOT to go in his underwear. I grabbed ahold of him. Oh my gosh he's big. Like really big. I started moving my hand back and forth.

"E-Emily-" He moaned loudly.

"You know, ive never seen you this way." I said.

He removed my hand from his pants.

"Sorry, I wasnt thinking. This is akward. Bye." He said blushing looking down at the ground.

"Hey, I didnt say i didnt like it. I did actually." I smirked then walked off.

"Wait-" he ran up to me.

"Bye Luke." I said opening the door to mine and Calums room.

I stepped in.

"Can I at least kno-" i cut him off by raising my shirt up and flashing him.

"Bye Luke." I blew him a kiss.

"Bye." He blushed.

*skip to concert*

I was backstadge and the same place as last night wearing

*skip to after comcert getting food before they get on the plane*

"So, where you sitting?" Luke asked me.

"By Michael. You should sit with us." I smiled.

"I'd be more than happy to." He smiled.



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