Adopted? By who you may ask. Simon Cowell. Trust me, I had NO idea what I was getting into.


10. Niall's P.O.V

So I really have no earthly idea who Emily likes. I could just go up to her and ask her or i could chicken out. I am gonna choose chicken out. Anyway, right now im getting ready for our date. Im taking her to a bowling place. I am wearing black skinny jeans and a 5SOS t-shirt to see if she notices. I walked down the stairs to find Emily and Zayn talking and laughing. She was wearing black skinny jeans also and a 5SOS shirt just like mine.

"Well how did you know what i was gonna wear?" I asked.

"I didnt" she laughed.

"You ready to go?" I asked.

"Yep" she said getting her phone and bag.

"Ok" i said.

"So where are we going?" She asked.

"Bowling" i said.

She smiled. I drove to the bowling place and we got out. We went in the place and started a game. She beat me. After that we got some pizza and headed home.

"I had fun tonight Niall" she said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah, your really funny" she said.

"Well thank you" i asked.

I turned on the radio. "She Looks So Perfect" was on so I turned it up.

"Simmer down simmer down they say were too young now to amount to anything else" i sang.

"But look around we work to damn hard for this just to give it up now" she sang.

"If you dont swim you'll drown but dont move honey" we both sang.

We sang the song and danced like idiots going down the road. Finally, we got home. Since One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer live here, we live in the middle of nowhere. Its annoying as shit sometimes but i love it. We got out and walked in the house. It was only 9:30. Calum was sitting on the couch with Luke in his lap. Liam was asleep. Michael was laying face first on the floor. Zayn was on his phone. Louis and Harry were texting even tho they were right beside each other. Ashton was sitting there watching tv. He was actually acting normal for 5 seconds. Then he got up and layed on top of Michael. Then Michael shook him off and he got up. Then Ashton pulled Emily down in the floor with him. She was in his lap facing him. They laughed.

"Im tired so goodnight everybody" i said walking up to my room.

"Goodnight little potatoe" Emily yelled.

"Goodnight cinnimon apple" i said.

Then Louis got up and yelled really loud to Emily.


Ashton fell back laughing taking Emily with him. He pecked her lips. I instantly grew mad. I noticed that Calum and Luke werent dokng anything stupid. Probably becouse they love Emily. When she is asleep, they wint stop talking about how beautiful she is. They will stay up till 2 am talking about her. She must be something spechial to them. Espicially Calum.

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