Adopted? By who you may ask. Simon Cowell. Trust me, I had NO idea what I was getting into.


19. New Choice

We got up to the rooms. I am sharing a room with Calum. He is super nice and fun so this wont be bad.

"Im so excited" Calum said opening the door.

"This is a one bed room?" I asked.

"I did not know that." Calum said.

"Oh well, your my best friend so it wont be wierd" i said.

"Yep." He laughed.

"I need to talk to you about something." I said.

"Yes i'll be your boyfriend." Calum said sitting down on the bed.

"What?" I asked.

"What?" He asked.

Then we started laughing.

"What I meant was, I need social media. Like Twitter and Instagram." I said sitting beside him.

"Yep. Give me your phone." He said.

I reached in my pocket and gave him my phone.

"Ooohh, so your lockscreen is you and Harry?" Calum asked abit angry.

"Yeah. He put it as my lockscreen and I dont know how to change it. Dont judge me ive never had a phone." I said.

"Do you wanna change it?" Calum asked.

"Yes." I said.

"A selfie with me and you?" He asked.

"Yes." I smiled.

He pulled up the camera. We took a selfie.

"Dang you look great babe." He said.

"Thanks." I said blushing abit.

"You really are perfect." He said going to the photos app.

"Thanks. Your pretty cute too." I said.

"So, what kinds of social media do you want?" He asked.

"Well, I already have Instagram, Twitter, and Vine apps, but I need help making the accounts." I said.

He nodded his head and went strait to the Instagram app.

"Username?" He asked.

"No idea." I said.

"How about 'Emily_Nicolee' with two E's becouse apearently thats coold." Calum laughed.

"Thats fine." I smiled.

"Password is ilovecalum397" He said.

"Really?" I asked.

"No, unless you want it to be." He said.

"Thats fine with me." I said.

"Ok, now this stuff." He said.

We finished my instagram a couple minuits later.

"Now, wanna follow all of us?" Calum said.

"Duhh." I said.

He went to his page and followed himself, then Luke, Ashton, Michael, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam.

"Whats that down there?" I asked pointing to a little orange guy that popped up at the bottom.

"You have 8 new followers." Calum said.

He pulled out his phone and typed something in.

"Now 9" he smiled.

"Now can we do twitter?" I asked.

"Yes." He said going to the Twitter app.

"K, username?" He asked.

"Same as instagram?" I asked.

"K" he said.

He poked in the username.

"Same password? I asked.

"Yep." He said.

He did the same for Vine.

I was on my knees behind him on the bed. My head was on his shoulder.

I kissed his neck.

"Babe, stop that." He said.

"Why?" I breathed against his neck.

"Do you want me to rip your pants off and fuck you right now? Huh? Would you like that?" Calum said getting all bad boyish mode.

"Umm," i said quite confused.

He put my phone on the nightstand.

"Your just so perfect." He smiled.

"Umm thanks." I said.

He turned over and had me pinned to the bed by my wrists. He was hovering over me. He pressed his lips againts mine.

I pulled away.

"Calum I cant have sex with you." I said.

"Why not?" He asked.

"I just cant. Lots of reasons. Leave it like that." I said.

Truth is, I have no idea how. Im a virgin. Never had. Never plan on it until im married.

"Can you do something for me then?" He smirked.

"Calum, can I tell you the truth?" I asked.

He nodded.

"I dont know how. Ive never done anything like that before." I said embarassed.

"Aww, baby. I'll teach you if you'd like. Only whatever and whenever you feel like." He said sitting beside me.

I sat up. He pulled me into his lap facing him with my legs around his waist.

"Thanks Calum." I said.

"Can we kiss again? That was fucking perfect." He smiled.

I cupped his face and brought my lips to his. We were really getting into it and I guess I started moving my hips a little bit. He pulled away.

"Damn it Emily, look down." He moaned.

I looked down to see a massive buldge sticking out of his tight jeans.

I looked confused cuz honestly, I wanted him to TELL me what I did to him. Trust me I know:


Carter had me pressed against the wall in his bathroom.

"Babygirl, your so beautiful. I wanna just kiss you and alot of other things all the time." He said.

He pressed his lips against mine. My hand fell down near his legs. I started playing with the fabric on his shorts. I didnt know how far up I was untill his face got red. He started making some wierd noises.

"Damn it." He groaned.

"Whats wrong?" I asked.

"You gave me a boner." He said placing his hand over the buldge.

"Sorry?" I said.

"No, its not really that bad. It was you playing with my shorts. Turned me on. Do you mind?" He said slipping off his shorts.

"Oh, no. Bye." I said walking towards the door.

"No, i want you to stay. Help me get rid of this. You'd be perfect I know." He said.

"What do I do?" I asked.

"Well-" he started as he slipped off his underwear.

"Carter, I cant." I said.

"Well, then watch or something. You cant leave cuz im not done kissing you." He said as he gripped his hard on.

He started pumping it. He moaned. He pumped it faster and faster.

"Babe, im gonna cum." He moaned.

"Ok" i said.

"Come here." He said pointing to the floor.

"Knees." He demanded.

I did as he told me.

"Open." He said still sliding his hand up and down.

I opened my mouth.

"You ready? He asked.

I nodded not knowing what the hell he was doing.

Soon, a warm liquid filled me mouth. Carter was moaning and smiling.

"Swallow." He said.

I did as he told me.

"What was that?" I asked.

"I cummed." He laughed.

"You dork." I laughed bopping his nose.


"Shit." Carter whispered.

*end of flashback*

"Babe, you gave me a boner. Your too fucking hot." He said.

My eyes went wide.

He grabbed my hand and placed it over his crotch.

"Want to?" He smirked.

"Sure." I smiled.

I put my hair up. He pulled off his pants and shut the door.

He pulled off his underwear revealing his massive size.

"Damn Calum, thats huge." I said.

He smiled.

"Well-" someone knocked on the door.

Calum ran and put his underwear and pants back on. I sat on the bed.

"Come in" Calum yelled.

Luke walked through the door.

"Hey Emily." Luke said sitting by me.

"Hello Lucas." I said kissing his cheek.

I got up from the bed.

"What are we doing tonight?" Luke asked.

"Well, ya'll are all staying in for obvious reasons but im going out. Ya know shopping and food." I said walking over to my suitcase.

I pulled out some black short shorts and a white crop top that said "trippy" in this wierd font thing that looked like you were hyped up on something. Anyway, I pulled out a pair of vans.

"Do ya'll care? I need to change. I mean im in a hurry so what im asking is if you two care if I just change here?" I asked.

They looked at eachother.

"No." Luke said.

"Definatly not. We dont care one bit." Calum said.

I slid of my shorts and t-shirt i currently had on. I put the black shorts and crop top on. I slid on my vans and I brushed my hair again and found a snapback hat that had this wierd print on it. I dont know it was cool. I applyed some make up and grabbed my phone and my wallet.

I turned around to see the two boys practically drooling.

"Mouths up, flies will fly in." I said.

Luke blushed.

"Luke, do I look ok?" I asked.

"You look perfect babygirl." He said standing up beside me.

I hugged him and kissed his cheek. Then I hugged Calum.

"Ya'll text me when you want food. Im probably just going to the mall and mcdonadls. I' ll be back later. Bye." I said walking out the door.

*skip to mall*

I just left this really cool store called Forever21. I bought I think like 2 pairs of shorts and 3 shirts. There was a sale so I splurged. I was walking down the main part of the mall when i saw two familiar faces. Matt and Nash. I texted Luke.

(E- Emily, L- Luke)

E- are ya'll ready for food or nahh?

L- yes. We are. I'll tell you the orders in a second, you at mcdonadls?

E- on my way

L- alright babygirl

I looked up. Matt was walking straight towards me.

"Hi, I cant believe I saw you again. I didnt think I would ever." He said smiling really big.

Nash walked over.

"Hey, your that pretty girl from the airport right?" Nash asked.

"Yes she is Nash. Go talk to your brother." Matt shooed him away.

"Sheesh, calm your tits." Nash said backing away.

I laughed.

"Sorry I didnt get a chance to text you. Ive been with my mom. You wanna walk and talk?" He asked.

"Sure." I said.

"So, how long are you gonna be in Virginia?" He asked.

"We leave in two days. Were going to California." I said.

"So are me, Nash, and Hayes. Hayes is Nash's little brother." Matt explained.

"Oh, i see." I said.

"So, random question, why were you with THE Luke Hemmings. Like isnt he insainly famous?" Matt asked.

"Actually yes. I used to live in Virginia but I was in the orphanage since I was six. Just recently, One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer's manager adopted me and now I live with them and stuff. Kinda crazy right?" I explained.

"That is crazy." He signed.

My phone buzzed.

It was Luke.

L- babe, heres the orders:

He listed off everybody and their orders.

L- i'd hurry, Niall is hungry😂 lol when is he not?

E- ok. Im leaving the mall right now

"Hey, im sorry. I have to go. The boys are starving. Their not allowed to leave their hotel so I had to come get them food." I said.

"Its ok. I'll text you." He said pulling me into a hug.

*skip to arriving back at hotel with food*

"Luke just wants to date Emily. He's in love with her." I heard Michael say behind the door.

"Would you shut up Michael? I cant believe I told you." I heard Luke said.

"And you didnt tell me?" Ashton carried on.

"Well, I think he was gonna tell you, but then got buisy. He told me then Michael and now you know that Luke has a huge crush on Emily." Calum said.

I opened the door quietly.

Michael and Ashton saw me. I told them not to say anything to Luke. I wanted to see what else he had to say. They told Calum not to say anything either. He nodded.

"I mean, yeah. I do want to date her. Like extremly EXTREMLY bad. But Harry likes her. I would be so much better to her than he would. Or Niall. Hell, or Louis. I would be the best boyfriend for her. Fuck, she's gorgous. Her hairs just so perfect and her eyes! Oh my gosh. Her smile literally lights up the world. I wonder when she is coming back?" Luke asked.

I went up behind him and kissed the back of his neck.

"Who the fuck?" He asked.

"Emily." I said in his ear.

He turned around to face me.

"You hear any of that?" He asked nervously.

"All of it babe." I said sitting the food on the table.

"Oh shit." He mumbled.

"Language Lucas." I said.

The boys were all in mine and Calum's room. They didnt seem to notice what I was doing so I walked over to my bag and pulled out a t-shirt. I carefully slid my shorts off and my top. I pulled on the t-shirt and tried not to make anything noticable. But when I turned around, Ashton was right behind me.

"Damn." He said.

"Oh you saw that?" I blushed.

"Yes. Your hot." He said wrapping his arms around my neck.

"Well thank ya Mr. Irwin." I said into his chest.

He kissed the top of my head.

"You could be Mrs. Irwin babe." He whispered.

I pulled away and looked at him.

"I heard that." I laughed.

"Well, its the truth." He smiled.

I rolled my eyes. I beant down to zip my suitcase back up.

"Damn. Luke, can I fuck your girlfriend?" Ashton asked.

"Girlfriend?" Me and Luke said at the same time.

"Emily?" Ashton said.

"She's not my girlfriend." Luke said.

"YOU WISH!" Michael yelled eating his sandwich I brought him.

"Shut up you dick. Anyway, no you arent allowed to touch her." Luke said.

"Since when are you my daddy Luke?" I sassed.

"You wish." Michael smirked.

"Bro, what the fuck. Im not, but your 17. He's 19. Thats not gonna happen. Plus, he's not touching you." Luke glared at Ashton.

"You do have a point. I was kidding anyway." I laughed.

"Oooh, look at little Lukey gettin all protective over Emily." Calum said.

I looked at him. Dang. He's so cute. With his messy hair and adorable squishy cheeks. He's adorable. You just wanna hug him and cuddle and kiss him all day.

"Take a picture it lasts longer." Calum said knocking me out of my trace.

"What?" I asked.

"You were staring at me." Calum blushed.

"Was I, I-Im so sor-ry." I stuttered.

Why am I getting so nervous? Its cuz Calums hot as fuck thats why. He gives me butterflies when I talk to him.

"EMILY SIT WITH ME!" Michael yelled.

I walked over to him.

"Were do you want me to sit?" I asked.

"Right here." Michael said spreading his legs just enough for some of the chair to show.

I sat down between his legs and he squeezed them alittle tighter.

"Michael honey," i said.

"Emily babe," he said.

I laughed.

I just went on eating my sandwich from Mcdonadls.

After I finished my food, I got so tired.

I layed my head back on Michael.

"Um no." He said picking me up.

He sat me in his lap bridal style. I layed my head on his shoulder.

"Thats better. Thanks Michael." I said.

"Welcome babygirl." He said.

He placed his hand on my leg and started making random shapes. He started singing:

"With in a minuit I was all packed up. Ive got a ticket to another world. I dont wanna go. I dont wanna go. But silent words are hard to speak. When your thoughts are all I need. Dont ever leave she said to me."

"Michael, I cant get over how fucking perfect your voice is. It just makes me feel calmer." I smiled keeping my eyes shut.

"Thanks babe." He said.

He kissed the top of my head.

"Its like 10:30. We need sleep." Calum said.

"Yeah." I said.

*skip to sleeping*

"Hope you dont care. Sometimes I like to sleep butt naked." Calum said.

"I dont care." I laughed.

"Ok good." He said pulling off all of his clothes.

He has a massive size (part). Its crazy.

"Well, what about you. What do you sleep in?" He asked walked towards the bed.

"Umm, depends on who is around." I said.

"Like what are you wearing tonight?" He asked getting into the bed.

"Um probably this t-shirt." I said.

"Ohh, what about if you were alone?" He asked.

"Probably same as you." I said.

"I see how it is." Calum pouted.

"What?" I asked.

"So, you sleep naked when im not around but you have to wear something when I am?" Calum said.

"Yes. Unless you want me to sleep naked." I said.

He smiled really big. I pulled off my shirt and undergarments. I jumped in the bed. He instantly put his arm around me. We were extremely close.

He pushed his hand down to the top of my thigh.

"Calum," i said.

"Yes ma'am?" He questioned.

"How can we sleep with the light on?" I asked.

He got up and flipped the switch off. He climbed back under the covers. I turned my back to him. Seconds later, he grabbed my butt. I pushed my hand back to swat him away, but instead I grabbed his dick. Oh shit. Holy akward.

He grabbed my hand quickly and put his hand on top of mine. He started moving my hand up and down on his dick.

He moaned quietly.

"Emily," he moaned.

"What Calum?" I asked.

"Can you do this for me?" He asked.

"Yes." I said.

"Come to my edge of the bed." Calum said stading beside his side of the bed on the floor.

I went to his side.

"Knees." He demanded.

I grabbed his hard on with a shock to him, I started pumping it slower then faster. I did this a couple times before taking in into my mouth.

"Oh my gosh Emily." He moaned.

I kept doing what I was doing.

"Im gonna-" he said before releasing into my mouth.

"Babygirl, that was perfect." He said pushing my hair back.

I smiled.

"Can we kiss?" Calum asked.

"Duh." I said tacking him on the bed.

I was laying on top of him. I pushed my lips against his.

I felt two fingers go into me between my legs.

"Calum what the fuck?" I asked.

"Well, you made me feel good, I have to return the favor. Even if you wont let me fuck you." He said not stopping what he was doing.

"C-C-Calum" I moaned.

He added another finger.

I moaned loudly.

"Shhhhh." He said.

I nodded.

"This is uncomfortable, can we re-arange this?" I asked.

He nodded.

I layed beside him with my legs opened. He was on his knees between my legs when he started doing what he was doing before.

"Calum im gonna-" i said.

"Wait a second babygirl." He said

He started going faster and faster until I couldnt hold it anymore.

"Calum I have to." I moaned.

"Ok let it go." He said removing his fingers.

"Oh my gosh Calum. Ive never done that before." I said quite shocked that I just did that with THE CALUM FUCKING HOOD.

"Was it good?" He asked.

"Yes. Amazing." I said.

"You'll feel even better when im inside you if you know what I mean." He smirked.

"Tonight?" I asked.

"If you want. I have a condom." He said.

"Im up for it." I said.

"I'll have to do this quick. We really do need sleep. But I want to so bad. So im gonna." He said grabbing the condom out of his bag.

He opened it and pulled it on. We arranged ourselves correctly.

He pushed his massive size into me giving me no tome to adjust.

I screamed in pleasure.

"Babe, shhh." He said.

He started going in and out very fast.

"Oh my gosh this feels so good." I moaned.

"Wanna ride?" He asked.

"Sure." I said.

We arranged ourselves so that I was on top. I started riding him. Holy shit it felt good.

"Calum im gonna-" i said again.

"Wait for me." He moaned.

"Calum I cant-" i moaned.

"Ok babe, let it go." He smiled.

"That feels so good." I said as he slipped out of me.

"I knew you would enjoy it." He smirked.

"Please dont tell the others." I begged.

"Yes. Luke would rip my head off. But I would tell Ashton. Under one condition." He said crawling under the covers with me.

"What?" I asked.

"Have sex with me again sometime. I dont know when. But will you again sometime?" He asked.

"Duhh. Yes Calum. So, not your not telling ANYONE k?" I asked.

"K." He said.

"So does this mean were dating or-" he asked.

"Hell no. We just had sex. That doesnt mean were dating." I said snuggling into his chest.

"Really really hot sex." He mumbled.

"Goodnight Mr. Hood." I said.

"Goodnight future Mrs. Hood." He said.

I kneed him in the balls.

"Owwe." He said.

I laughed.

HI! This chapter is so dirty!😂 lol thats baisically it. Bye


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