Adopted? By who you may ask. Simon Cowell. Trust me, I had NO idea what I was getting into.



The boys and I are having a meeting thing about the american tour their going on.

"The first stop is in Virginia" Dad said.

I smiled.

"Thats where i got this little ball of sunshine" he said patting my head.

"How many shows there?" Harry asked.

"2" dad said.

"Then were off to California where were staying for a while." Dad said.

"Iv'e always wanted to go to Cali" i mumbled.

"Well now you can. And were shopping as soon as we leave LAX?" Louis said.

"Of course boo" we laughed.

My phone vibrated. It also played my ringtone of "Bang Bang" my Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Manaji.

I looked at it. It showed me that I had an incoming facetime call from Carter. I answered it of course.

I got up and started walking to the hall.

"Hey babygirl" he said with a smile on his face.

Luke heard the words "babygirl" and perked up. He followed me to the hall and said he "had to get his phone".

"I miss you so much. Hey, im free tomarow night, wanna see a movie?" Carter asked.

"Of course. We have so much to catch up on. Text me when and where" i said.

"I'll text you when. But im picking you up. Text me your adress?" asked.

"Afraid I cant do that. I'll have Robert drive me to a location and you can pick me up there." I said.

"Ok, who is Robert tho? Is he someone spechial?" He snapped.

"He drives a car for us." I said.

"How old is he?" Carter asked.

"Probably late 30's young 40's. I dont know" i said.

He smiled.

"Ok babygirl. I cant wait. I miss you so much. I cant believe were gonna meet up again. I love you!" He said.

"Bye Carter" i smiled.

"Bye babygirl" he said as we both ended the video chat.

"Can I at least know why he calls you babygirl?" Luke asked.

I turned around to see a nervous Luke standing behind me.

"Luke, 1. Dont scare me like that again 2. Yes you can. But right now, we need to get back in there" i said grabbing his arm.

"So does that mean I cant call you babygirl?" Luke stopped in his tracks.

"Whatever you wanna do" i said.

He smirked.

"Luke, no not like that" i laughed.

We both knew what he was thinking.

We walked back into the room. Louis smacked my butt as i walked by. I laughed.


*skips to meet up with carter*

"Ok Rob, this is where I told Carter I would meet him. Thanks" i said getting out of the car.

"Welcome chick. Call me when your done" he said.

"I will. Bye" i said.

"Bye" he rolled up the window.

I got there 5 minuits early so I pulled out my phone. I barely had enough time to put my passcode in before I heard a boy screaming my name.

"EMILY!" Carter yelled running to me.

"CARTER!" I yelled.

He grabbed me into a tight hug.

"I never want to let go" he mumbled.

I pulled away.

"The movie starts in Luke, im mean like 20 minuits right?" I asked nervously.

"Luke? Who the hell is that?" He asked.

"Remeber the boy on video chat?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, the one that your NOT dating" he laughed.

We walked around to his car and got in.

He placed his hand on my leg and started tracing shapes up my thighs. He still managed to drive us to the theather with our any trouble. ZAYUM! He can concentrate good.


"Thank you and enjoy your movie" the boy said.

We walked into the movie theater and sat down in the back.

"Oh shit. A cute couple. I bet their going to be sucking eachothers faces off during the movie" the kids laughed infront of us.

"Their like fucking 10 years old" i said.

"Excuse me bitch, im 12. Thank you very fucking much" the little girl said.

"Well," i mumbled.

"Hey, you dont call her a bitch little kid. K? Or I'll get the security and they will call your parents! Fuck off. And for the record, she's my best friend. Not my girlfriend. I bet you two will be sucking eachothers faces off instaid of us two" Carter snapped.

"Fuck" the boy mumbled.

The movie started. Carters hand moved to my leg and he started making shapes with his thumb.

The boy infront of us let his head fall back and it hit my knees. I saw his face and he was moaning. The girl beside him had her hand over the crotch of his pants moving in a up and doen motion. Then she unbuckled his pants lightly and slid her hand down his boxers. She started pumping his (umm thing?) and he moaned louder. She got irritated that the fabric of his boxers kept getting in the way so she just pulled it out infront of everybody. Nobody really seemed to care tho. Probably becouse they didnt notice. She started her heard down to his tip. She started sucking like a freaking pro. Like she had done it 300 times before. By the looks of her, she probably has. She even dresses like a slut. She wore a super short crop top and booty shorts that made her butt hang out.

"Aahhh Stella, ahh yes. Harder" the boy quietly moaned.

"Can I ride your big dick Daddy?" The girl asked sweetly but quietly.

"Yes princess. Let me watch YOU first" the boy smirked.

Carter looked at me. I looked back at him.

"Its like were watching a porno" he whispered.

"Yep" i laughed.

By then the girl had her shorts completly off and her underwhere was nowhere to be seen. She was pumping two fingers really fast.

"Ok babe, thats enough." The boy said.

The boy picked the girl up and she sat all the way down on his lap with him (😶) inbetween her thighs. She started circling her legs around in a round formation. Then she started bouncing on his lap. She loudly moaned.

Soon they were both completly naked and literaly having hardcore sex in the theater. She was moaning really loud.

"Can we leave?" I asked Carter.

"I was just about to ask you that" he said.

He grabbed my hand and we headed out the door.

I saw the manager walk by.

"Um sir? In theater 5 there are two 12 year olds having sex and were leaving." Carter said.

"Oh, thats my angel daughter and her boyfriend Jack. They tend to get that way alot." The manager laughed.

"She is 12. Im almost 18 and I sti- you know what? Lets go Carter, i aint fighting with this man" I sassed.

Me and Carter walked out.

"Did you see that? Those kids are WAY younger than us!" Carter was still shocked.

"Yeah, were almost 18. They are 12 and having sex in a PUBLIC place for crying out loud." I said.

"I have an idea" Carter said.

We pulled into a beach. There was a small band playing by the sand dunes. Once we got closer, i realized it was Mikey, Ash, Cal, and Luke.

"LUKE!" I yelled running up to hug him.

"EMILY!" He pulled me into a tight hug.

"Emily, do you know these boys?" Carter asked jealously.

"I kinda live with Luke" i looked at Luke and mouthed the words go along with it.

He nodded.

"She moved in with me a couple of months ago" Luke agreed.

Calum was behind Luke laughing his ass off.

"You have never sang anything at home. Sing for us Lucas!" I said.

They all pulled up their guitars and started playing a song.

"You got a boyfriend and he's a total loser, all your friends tell you that he's got no future but they like me, just sayin. He barely takes you out if he does he's late and when the check comes, he always makes you pay, i'd never do that, just sayin. You should leave him cause it really makes me sick just sayin just sayin. You dont need him i'll help you get over it just sayin just sayin. When you change your mind i'll be waiting cuz im better than him just sayin. When you change your mind i'll be waiting just sayin. He's got a big house, says he lives alone but when i drove by I could see his mom was home, i got my own place, just sayin. He says he loves you but its all an act he's seeing someone else right behind your back you know i'd never do that just sayin..." They sang.

"Your really good. Cant wait for the tour" I said.

"Yeah. You guys are insanly good." Carter said.

"Oh boys, this is Carter. Carter this is Luke," i smiled as i said Luke's name and pointed to him. "Ashton" i pointed to him. "Joshia" and pointed to Michael. "Calum" i said.

"Joshua?" Michael asked. "Fuck off, im Michael."

"Well, im Carter." We all laughed.

"Your never going to guess what these 12 year olds were doing in the theater." I said to the boys.

"It was insane" Carter said.

"What?" The boys yelled.

"They started having sex in the middle of the theater" i said.

"Names? What theater?" Luke asked.

"Why?" I asked.

"I dont know" Luke shrugged.

"The girls name was Stella and the boy's name was Jack. The the-" i got cut off.


He pulled out his phone.

Michael's P.O.V

(Michael- M, Michael's mum- NI)

M- Jack was having sex in the movie theater.


M- My friend Emily said she went to the theater and he was fucking Stella right there for everyone to see.

NI- I will have a talk with that young man when he gets home. He is 12! How does he know 1. What that is or 2. How to do it?

M- mabey if you and dad werent so loud..,

NI- Michael Gordon Clifford.

M- i love you mum. I got to go

HI! That is the end of another AKWARD chapter. Hopefully, their wont be too much many of these. Thats it!

xoxo Emily

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