Adopted? By who you may ask. Simon Cowell. Trust me, I had NO idea what I was getting into.


3. Luke's Convo With Me and Other Things

Emily's P.O.V

"Im so sorry Emily. Really I just, well I like you. Like "like like" you" Luke blushed.

"I like you too, alot" i blushed.

"Mabey we could do something some time" he suggested shyly.

"Oh course, i would love to" i replied.

We both leaned in akwardly. Our faces were just like and inch apart. We almost kissed but Louis interupted.

"Emily ready to- oh sorry, did i interupt?" He asked.

"Well, yeah" we both said.

"Sorry, Emily can we leave in an hour. Text me" he said walking out.

"Now where were we" i asked.

"About here" he said smashing his lips against mine.

I put my hand in his hair. He tackled me and pinned me to my bed. His strong arms wrapped around me pushing our bodies closer together. I was cold in my room so when he did that, it sent tingles all over my body. My other hand was stuck inbetween our bodies. The palm of my hand touching his stomack. I felt his abs. WOW! I smiled. I pulled away.

"Wow" i breathed.

He smiled smashing his lips against mine again.

"That was" i started.

"WOW" he said.

"I have to uh, get ready for tonight. Me and Louis are gonna rent a movie and yeah" i said.

"Oh ok" he said getting up.

"Thanks for you know" i started.

He smiled.

"Hey Luke, what do you think i should wear tonight?" I asked.

"I dont know, you will look beautiful in whatever you wear" he stated.

"Thanks but no" i replied.

"Look you are beautiful and" he looked down at my arms and gasped.

He burst into tears. He embrased me in a hug.

"Emily, why" he asked.

"Ask Harry" i said. "I dont want to talk about it"

I took a shower and got dressed i put on some black leggings and a tanktop that said "whatever" on it. I put on some uggs and lip gloss. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs.

"Damn" Harry said grabbing my butt pulling me closer to his body.

"Harry" i said.

"Ok, but tonight" he smirked. "I'll finish that"

"No you wont" Dad said.

"Lets go. You look hot" Louis said.

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