Backlot |ashton irwin|

She's inferior, he's stubborn. She's the A-lister, he's the newbie. She gets what she wants and he does what he wants. And they'll do anything to get rid of the other.


3. "We'd fight and then we'd have a mad crazy time together."

Ashton's POV

"The least you could've done was made yourself something to eat Luke." I scolded as I pulled into the parking lot of After Hours, a local restaurant, that was open, well after hours.

I shut the car off and turned to look at him. He looked down at his thumbs and mumbled something I couldn't understand.

"What?" I questioned. He looked embarrassed. His face flushed as he played with his fingers.

"I said I don't know how to cook." he grumbled, turning to look out the window.

A smirk immediately climbed its way onto my face. "No way Lucas."  

He groaned in response.

"You need me to cook for you?" I teased as I pulled my keys out of the ignition.

"Shut up." he whined. I poked him in his side as I giggled at him. 

He scowled at me before opening the passenger side of my car and stepping out.

I hopped out and locked the car before following an angry Luke into the diner.


After being seated at a table in the back, Luke's mood flashed before my eyes.

His scowl quickly changed into big grin and he bounced in his seat.

"I can't believe you're starring in a movie with THE Colleen Lamintis!" he beamed nudging me in the shoulder.

My smile faltered at the mention of her.  

"Yeah, because it's going to be so fun." I said sarcastically.

Luke scrunched up his eyebrows in confusion. "Why the bitterness?" 

I sighed and turned to look at him. "She's horrible." I spat.


A waitress came to our table.

"Just the regular." Luke smiled up at her. She blushed and I rolled my eyes.

"How can working with Colleen be horrible?" Luke gasped at me.

The waitress came back with the food and placed the plates on the table.

I forked around with my food. I looked up to see Luke looking at me expectantly.

"I really don't want to talk about her right now." I mumbled, shoving a spoonful of rice into my mouth.


Luke wasn't having it though. "You're crazy. Colleen is a goddess. God, I'd do anything to get that girl. She's so fit man." Luke rambled on, taking a bite out of his sandwich.

I shrugged in response, taking another spoon of rice into my mouth.

"Seriously, I'm sure she isn't that bad. Why'd you call her horrible?" Luke questioned, taking a sip of his drink.

I slammed my fists onto the table. "She's a conceited, snobby, prissy little bitch." I hissed.

Luke looked taken aback at my behaviour.

"She had the nerve to tell me I wasn't good enough to work with her. She kept trying to find problems with my audition. And she shot me glares like every minute. I honestly don't know how I'm going to work with her." I sighed.


Luke scratched his neck awkwardly. "Wow." was all he breathed out.

"Oh, and get this, she had the nerve to try and make the director and the producer, rethink my audition."

Luke shook his head. "Damn. I thought she'd be cool."

I chuckled. "She's far from it. Almost like she doesn't want the movie to happen."

I wiped my mouth with a napkin before continuing, "She has one short temper." I pointed out.

Luke giggled to himself. I raised an eyebrow, smiling at him.


"Oh..I was just thinking."


"You said she has a short temper?"

"Yes Lucas." 

He grinned before saying,"If I got her mad, we'd fight and then we'd have a mad crazy time together." he said smugly as I rolled my eyes at him.

"You'd think the kid would change his opinion about the girl once he found out the truth about her." 

"She's still fit mate." he smirked before calling over the waitress to get the bill.


Guess some things never change.


A/N: Probably one of the shortest updates I'll ever have.

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