Violet Alexandra Avery

Violet Alexandra Avery's parents fight all the time and include her in them! Until one day the fight got bad so Violet. Violet went outside she was at the house next door. No one lives there. She met a boy that night. And helped her through it! He shows her some of his friends and they help her as well. But if this continues will she fall for the boy and will he fall for her!


10. Lunch!!!!!

Jakes Pov:

When we get halfway to the lunchroom, Jason, Mike and Andrew walk up to us. But I don't look up at them even though I sense there presence. Me and Violet were talking and laughing so hard well Violet was laughing so hard.

"Um, excuse us! Hey earth to Jake and the hottie he is with! Hello!" Mike and Jason said snapping there fingers and waving there hands.

I looked away from Violet who was holding onto me while she was laughing. I looked at Jason and Mike and growled. They looked at me with wide eyes.

"What Jake? Why are you mad?" Jason asked.

"Shall I remind you?" I growled.

"Hey what's up guys! I didn't notice you were here!" Violet says still laughing a little bit.

"Jake? Are you okay?" She asks looking up at me.

"Yes! Its just that Jason and Mike forgot who you are!" I say holding my growls back.

Then she moved away from me. My wolf whimpered.

But I had to yell at Jason and Mike.

Violets POV:

I pull away from Jake and look away from them.

"Violet I need to tell you about Jake and you!" My wolf says.

"What is it?" I ask her.

"Well you see Jake is a different kind of wolf! You see his dad and mom are getting old so they don't want this responsibility anymore!" She says.

"Okay what is it!" I ask.

"Jake is the Alpha of Howling Moon his pack! And his dad is signing the retirement papers and handing it over to Jake! But he cant do anything with the pack yet until he has his mate which is you only if he accepts us and he has to finish school which is in 3 years unless he doesn't want to finish school so he can be with his pack. Which he probably will do! And secondly, he doesn't just have Alpha blood he also has Beta blood! His moms dad is the Beta of another pack! Thirdly, where as you, Violet you only have Alpha blood in you! Your dad was the Alpha of Midnight's Death Bed pack and your mom has a dad that is an Alpha as well. So which means you are a full on Alpha! Which makes us powerful and strong but not as strong as Jake since he has both Beta and Alpha!" My wolf says.

"Wow seriously! That is cool! Do you think Jake will accept us? Cause if he doesn't I will be sad!" I tell her.

"I think he will! We have to wait till our 16th birthday! I also have to see if makes any moves on us in like a possessive way! Because Alpha's are very possessive! Which means we will be the same way! But male wolfs are worse than females! So just be careful!" She says then she leaves.

I Suddenly feel an elbow hit my side.

"Ow what the hell man!" I shout then punch Jake in the arm.

"Ow! They asked you a question! But you off in La-la land hear them. So get your head out of your ass and pay attention!" Jake says with a playful grin.


I growl and turn face the three boys who were looking at us with grins and playful looks.

"Sorry about that what was your question?" I ask with a sweet voice and I twirl my hair around my finger.

I heard Jake growl and I see out of the corner of my eye he is giving me the are-you-fucking-kidding-me, kind of look. So  in the same spot as last time I elbow Jake, but I let my wolf do it and it was harder than before.

He groaned and looked up.

"Um we asked what your name was?" Andrew said looking at me and then at Jake worriedly.

"I thought I told you guys last period?" I asked confused.

"Well we forgot. Sorry." Andrew said as he scratched the back of his neck.

"Ok my name is Violet, Violet Alexandra um." I stopped and looked at the ground not sure if I should use Scott or Avery!

"Use Scott!" My wolf said.

"Last name?" Andrew asked.

"Scott!" I said looking at them.

There eyes widened.

"Nice to meet you! Such a beautiful name for a beautiful girl!" They said drooling over me!

I heard Jake growl at them. I felt his arm wrap around my shoulders. They all looked shocked and then they looked away from me.

"Oh my gosh he just got mad! He is acting like he claimed you already! He is acting possessive of you!" My wolf said.

I looked up at Jake and he was still growling.

Jakes POV

"I thought I told you guys she is my mate! So why did you just say that! SHE IS MY MINE SO BACK OFF BEFORE I MAKE YOU!" I mind link Jason, Mike and Andrew!

"Yes Alpha sorry!" They said.

"I'm not Alpha yet so don't call me that! And do it again and I will tell Payton, Brooke, and Mia that you were all drooling over Violet!" I told them.

"NO PLEASE WE WILL STOP!" Jason said for them.

"that's what I thought!" I said.

"Are we going to go eat or not!" Violet asks looking up at me.

"Yes lets go! Come guys!" I say walking with my arm still around Violets shoulder.

"Coming!" They said catching up to us.

"Wait is Violet eating lunch with us?" Mike asked happily.

"Yes she is! But don't draw atten-" I was cut off by Violet.

"Shut up, Jake! They don't need to know that!" She whispers to me.

"Sorry. Never mind lets go. I'm so hungry!" I say and let go of her shoulder and grab her hand and pull her towards the doors to the lunch room.

"Hey! Hey! I can walk by myself! I don't need to be pulled!" Violet growled at me. Did she just growl at me.

"Oh Ms. Vi doesn't like it either now does she! No! Well how does it feel? Not so good? Well this is exactly what you did me in Ms. Morgan's class. So pay back is a bitch isn't, princess!" I tell her and we now in front of the sections to different lunch lines.

"Oh whatever!" She says shacking her hand out of mine.

" Uh guys are you okay?" Jason asked curiously.

"Yes!" She snaps at him.

"Okay whatever you say!" Andrew says sarcastically.

She growls at him. I laugh to myself and my wolf is getting turned on cause she is so cute when she is mad.

"Come on, Vi lets go to section 1!" I say as I grab her hand pull her towards the section, but she stops.

"No, Jake!" She tells me.

"What? Why not?" I plead.

'Because that's um... you know? That's your clique's line! I don't want to go to that line!" She says backing away.

"Oh come on, Vi! Its not like something is going to happen to you!" I tell her as I walk over to her.

"Jake how many times do I have to tell you? I DONT LIKE ATTENTION! Do you realize this will be the 7th time, Jake that attention was on me! Just let me do this one thing by myself!" She yells at me.

"No! I want you to talk with me and my friends! Please, Vi!" I tell her as I put my hands on her shoulders and shake her.

"Jake no! I will sit next to you at the table but I want to stand in line by myself away from you and the other guys!" She growls.

"NO!" I growl at her.

"Why the fuck not?" She snaps at me quietly.

"Because you are mine I want you with me! I don't want boys being with you besides me!" I whisper to her.

Violets Pov

"Did he just say what I think he just said?" I wolf says loudly.

"Yes!" I tell her excitedly.

"We should play hard to get!" My wolf says.

"Oh really?" I him with a sly grin.

"Yes you are! No come on!" Jake says.

"Prove it then Mr. Alpha!" I say as I whisper in his ear. He looks at me with wide eyes.

"What did you just say?" Jake asks looking at me.

"I said prove that I am yours Mr. Alpha!" I say in his ear huskily.

"How do you know that I am Alpha! Well not yet but, but still how do you know?" He asks looking at me.

"Well you see my 16th birthday is getting close and my wolf isn't suppressed anymore! And she told me about you! And other things but I don't think you know about that yet!" I whisper in his ear.

"You are James and Emily Scott's daughter?" Jake asks curiously.

"Yes!" I tell him.

"So are you going to prove to me that I am yours or am I going to prove to you that you are mine and no one else can have you except me?" I tell him with a smirk.

"Oh so I am your mate?" Jake asks putting his arm around my waist and pulling me closer to him.

"Well what my wolf and I want is you so is that enough proof for you?" I say with a smirk on my face.

"Oh really?" Jake whispers in my ear huskily.

"Well it's mainly her! She is the one that told me that you were my mate! But only if you accept us!" I say sadly.

"I do accept you! Why wouldn't I accept you? My wolf also told me that were my mate!" Jake says wrapping his arm tighter around my waist as if I would go somewhere.

"I don't we just had this feeling that you wouldn't. But we need to get something straight!" I say trying to get out of his hold.

"What?" He says releasing me.

"I don't belong to anyone! In another words don't say 'you're mine' to me! I don't like feeling like am I someone's property! Cause you know that's illegal!" I say with a smile.

He growls at me.

I turn and walk away towards the second section.


















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