Violet Alexandra Avery

Violet Alexandra Avery's parents fight all the time and include her in them! Until one day the fight got bad so Violet. Violet went outside she was at the house next door. No one lives there. She met a boy that night. And helped her through it! He shows her some of his friends and they help her as well. But if this continues will she fall for the boy and will he fall for her!


8. Jakes POV (The truth about me and 3rd period)

So there is something I need to get off my chest. Well you see I am a wolf! I am the Alpha's son (My dad). You see I have two types of rankings in my blood. They are Alpha and Beta, my mom was the Beta's daughter in her pack. My sister is the odd one, what I mean by that she has my moms traits not my dads. What I mean by that she doesn't have Alpha blood only Beta! I don't know how that is possible, but she has it. She is not as strong as me, but she is really strong for her age. You might be wondering why aren't at our pack house? Well that's where my parents and my sister is at. My dad is sighing the retirement paperwork. He is doing that because he and my mom are getting old and they don't want the responsibility's anymore. So that means I will be the Alpha when they get back, but I cant do anything just yet due to my age and I need to finish school and I need to find my mate according to my dad. My pack is called Howling Moon! And the thing that sucks is that I will have a new Beta, third command, and the rank under him. I already know who those are going to be. They are my friends and they happen to be here at school with me. They are, Jason Collins is going to be my Beta (his dad was my dads Beta), Mike Easton is going my third in command (his dad was my dads third in command), and Andrew Fields is the rank under Mike (his dad had that position with my dad). So they are in my pack along with everyone in this town! The town isn't that big! Some of them are and some of them aren't. But more than half of the people her are my pack members. Some of the people here are in the pack as well, but not all. In my neighborhood which is like four blocks worth is a pack member except for Violets house. Our pack maybe 611 members. We are the largest and strongest pack of all. But there was this one pack they had 630 member's but they were all slaughtered by rogues. That pack was called Midnight's Death Bed, they were the strongest pack but since they are all dead we are the strongest. That pack was our friend and our ally. The Alpha was James Scott, his Luna was Emily Scott, and from what I heard there daughter was the only one to survive. We don't know her name all we know is that she lives in this town somewhere and that she goes to my school, and that her mom forced her wolf in suppression. And she awakes when her 16th birthday is near. We need to find her cause her parents told us that she will become apart of our pack.

I was so mad that Violet said no to me about lunch. I was walking down the hallway when my friends came up to me. They didn't talk they just walked with me to history which I have Violet in there with me. When we got in I sat in the back of the classroom with Jason, Mike, and Andrew sitting around me. I didn't see Violet in here yet and the bell was about to ring in 2 minutes. Sure enough the bell rang. Mr. Barnes started taking roll.

"Violet Avery?" He asked looking around the room.

"She isn't here yet!" I said loudly, but I growled in anger when I said it.

Everyone looked at me.

"Stop starring at me!" I yelled at everyone.

They turned away from me.

My wolf was on the verge of coming out. He was mad that Violet said no about lunch and the fact that she want here.

Then I heard a little knock at the door.

"Come in!" Mr. Barnes yells.

Then I heard the door close.

"Ah Ms. Avery. Glad of you to join us. Just stand there cause we are going to moving the desks around and getting new seating charts." Mr. Barnes says.

My wolf comes down a little bit and I take a quick glance at her and look away. She looks nervous. She also looks pale. Her legs are wobbling and she is breathing hard and fast. I see out of the corner of my eye that she looked at me, but she looked away and had a sad look on her face.

10 minutes later we all had to get up and push the desks into groups of four and in the front he needed on group of five.

" Okay now its time to get seated. So in the group of five I need Violet in this seat, and next to her I need Jason." Mr. Barnes says.

My wolf growled cause he wanted to sit next her. Lately he has been getting possessive of her and gets mad when she tells us no. I hope he doesn't like her cause she isn't our mate.

"I would stop thinking that if was you!" My wolf growls.

"What do you mean?" I ask him.

"I want her! You know what I mean by that! I wouldn't do this just to any girl and you know that! In fact I wouldn't do this to any girl except, Violet!" He says.

"Are you telling me what I think you are telling me?" I asked.

"Yes!" He said then he leaves.

"Next I need Mike across from Jason, and across from Violet I need Jake!" He says.

I grabbed my stuff and sat down in my spot. Everyone sat down but the only one that didn't was Violet she was still walking. When she got close she tripped and fell in Jason's lap. Me and my wolf growled but not loud.

"Woah, hey there. Um are you okay?" He asks helping her off of him and he looks at her.

She nods her head and she sits down and puts her head down. I hear light sobs coming form her. My wolf whines at the fact that she is crying. I then heard everyone laugh at what just happened. Seconds later she picks her head up and whips her face.

"I'm sorry I fell on you!" She tells Jason as she pokes him the arm to get his attention.

"Oh its no problem!" He smiled at her.

I growled.

"What's your name?" He asked her.

" Oo I would watch out he is a big time player!" Andrew laughs.

"Oh shut up, Andrew. I was just asking her what her name was." Jason says then he thumps Andrew in the forehead.

I heard her giggle. She looked at me but looked away. My wolf got excited that she looked at us.

"So what's your name?" He asked again.

She just looked at him.

"Dude she isn't going to tell you. She is shy." I say harshly and then look at her.

"Wow how do you know that?" Jason asked with a playful smile.

"Dude its obvious. She just gave you the what the fuck are you stare!" I defend.

She looked at me and I looked at her and I saw that her eyes darkened again. Man her eyes darkened for the third time already. Human eyes don't do that only wolf eyes. Then I suddenly I heard her growl and she turned to Jason.

"Um excuse me!" She poked him in the arm.

"Yes." he said happily.

"My name is Violet! But you can call me Vi if you want. What's your name?" She said.

I  gave her a questioning stare. She looked at me but looked away.

"Pretty name, Vi. My name is Jason. The one next to me is Andrew, the one across from me is Mike and the one next to him is Jake." Jason pointed at everyone.

"Oh that's nice to know! Nice to meet you all. But I already know Jake so it was pointless to introduce him." She says looking at me with the game-on-bitch look. I raised my eyebrow and growled. But she couldn't hear it.

"Oh that's very interesting cause he never mentioned he met you!" Jason said looking at me with a playful smile.

I sent him a mind link growl. His eyes widened and he swallowed loud.

She was just sitting there. She looked at me with pleading eyes asking me to help her. I gave her the you-got-yourself-into-it-now-get-yourself-out look.

Her eyes darkened and she growled and she kicked me in the shin.

She actually hurt me and I don't know how but her kick had power behind it. My face turned red.

"Mother!" I breathed out and put my head down.

I heard her giggle.

How in the hell did she hurt me. I was now sensing something coming form her. It was her sent. We cant normally smell humans we can but it is every faint. But hers was strong like a wolf's smell. Like I can smell all the wolfs in here but her's its strong.
"What the fuck are you ok?" Everyone at my table asked in union.

I just shook my head and I picked it up at looked at Violet. Her eyes widened.

"Jake calm down man!" Jason mind linked me.

"What do you mean I am calm!" I said.

"No your not your eyes are dark!" Jason said.

"Oh fuck! Sorry!" I said.

"Class here is your assignment it will be due tomorrow at the beginning of the class." Mr. Barnes says then he starts passing out the assignment.

Soon after we got it I saw that Violet had one more question to go. I had five questions to go. She got up and I saw that she was walking slowly and she whimpered when she got up.

"Wow! Done already. You can do whatever you like until the bell rings." Mr. Barnes says.

When she sits back down she sighs in relief. Everyone in our group is looking at her.

"What? It was easy!" She snapped at them.

"Uh umm!" They said then went back to work.

"How did you finish so fast?" Mike looked at her. Then Jason and Andrew did the same.

I growled and started tapping my pencil in frustration. She looked at me for help.

"Uh well-" I cut her off cause she was getting shy and scared.

"She is a genius. She is smarter than all of us combined. That's how she finished!" I said in frustration.

"Oh!" They said and continued to work.

She looked at me with a confused look on her face.

Violets POV

I only had one more problem to go. When I finished with it I got up and I whimpered cause of the pain that was flowing throughout my body and I had to walk slow. I felt Jake watching my every move.

"Wow! Done already! Well you can do whatever you want till the bell rings!" Mr. Barnes says as he takes my paper.

I walk back to my desk and sigh in relief. I noticed everyone at my group was staring at me.

"What? It was easy!" I snapped at them.

"Uh umm!" They said then went back to work.

"How did you finish so fast?" Mike asked me. Then Jason and Andrew did the same. Jake tapped his pencil in annoyance and I heard him growl as well.

"Uh well-" I was cut off by Jake.

"She is a genius. She is smarter than all of us combined. That's how she finished." Jake said with frustration.

"Oh!" They said and continued to work.

I looked at Jake with a confused look on my face. He got up and turned his paper in and he sat back down and continued to tap his pencil. I took out a piece of paper and wrote Jake a note.

It said,

Are you mad at me? If you are then what did I do? And if you aren't then what is wrong with you?


I ripped it out and folded it and I raised my hand.

"Yes Violet?" Mr. Barnes asked.

"May I got to the bathroom?" I asked.

"Make it snappy." He said.

I got up and I whimpered in pain and walked slowly and once I was beside Jake I tossed the paper in his lap. And I walked to the door and out of the classroom. I was in the bathroom when I got in there I saw blood everywhere and there was a wolf with blood all over it. I screamed and I turned to leave but I ran dead smack into the wall. I blacked out once I hit the floor.

I was seeing images of a battle between wolfs. Then it went to a house and there was a woman she was talking to someone.

"Violet! I am sorry I have to do this to you but I am going to have to suppress your wolf deep within you. But it will only happen once you are out of our pack land. You must go to the Howling Moons territory! Once you are there you suddenly black out and you will be with another family. Your wolf will come back when your 16th birthday is near. When that happens you will be in pain. You will be in pain due to your body changing and on your 16th birthday at Midnight you will shift into your wolf. You must find Alpha John Carter or his son Jake Carter once you find them you must tell them who you are. You need to tell them you are Violet Alexandra Scott!" The woman says.

"Hey! Hey! Wake up!" I heard someone shaking me.

I screamed in pain due to the person touching me.

"Hey calm down!" The person says.

I open my eyes and I see a girl looking down at me. She had blonde curly hair.

"Hey what happened!" She asked helping me up.

"I saw blood everywhere and then I saw a wolf and I tried to leave but I hit my head then I blacked out!" I said with tears coming down on my face.

She quickly came to me and pulled into a hug.

"Its going to be alright!" She says patting my back.

"Ok!" I say pulling away from her and I whip my tears.

"There! Now what is your name?" She asked whipping my face off with a cold towel.

"Violet Alexandra umm!" I say I don't know whether I should us Avery or Scott.

"Your last name?" She asked.

"Scott!" I say quickly. I am not using Avery cause that isn't my last name that is someone else's last name not my parents last name.

The girl looks at me with wide eyes and she puts her hand over her mouth.

"What?" I ask curiously.

"Um nothing I cant believe its really you! My name is Payton Swayer!" She says.

"Nice to meet you!" I say.

"Well I should be getting back to class see you later!" She says and she runs out of the bathroom.

I walk out of the bathroom as well. And to class. I walk through the door and everyone looks at me then looks away.

"Violet what took you so long?" Mr. Barnes says angerly.

"I um hit my head but I am fine now!" I say and walk back to my seat.

As I was walking back to my seat when Jake put the note in my hand and I clenched it and sat back down. I opened it.

It read,

I am mad cause I really wanted you to sit with me at lunch!!

Sorry for being an ASS!

Please forgive me!!!


I looked up and he smiled at me. I think he blushed cause he laughed, but covered it up with a cough. Then I accidently laughed louder than him because his fake cough as funny. Then Jason, Mike, and Andrew look at us.

"Okay what's so funny. And why is she blushing? Did something happen we should know about?" Mike asked playfully.

"Nothing!" We said still laughing.

They gave us the ok-whatever-you-fucking-liars!

Jakes POV

I was wondering what took Violet so long. Mr. Barnes sent Payton to go check on her. Payton is in my pack I mind linked her and told her to let me now what is happening.

"Ok!" She Told me.

I saw everything Violet was laying on the floor and she was screamed when Payton touched her. She helped Violet up and she told her what happened. I was so confused I didn't understand what she meant by that. Payton asked her what her name was and Violet told her "Violet Alexandra.. looked confused and then she said "Scott!" I quickly left Payton's mind. She was a Scott! That means she is the daughter of James and Emily Scott! Oh my gosh! So her 16th birthday must be close. From what I know she will shift on midnight and she needs to find me or my dad. Well I will be with her for sure. I heard Payton come back to the room I turned to look at her. She nodded her head. My eyes widened.

"She smells like on of us, Jake! She also has James and Emily's scent all over her!" Payton mind linked me.

"Ok thank you!" I tell her.

Seconds later Violet comes in.

"Violet what took you so long?" MR. Barnes says.

Her scent came to me and I am sure to everyone else. They all looked at her and looked away.

"Jake is that her?" Jason asked.

I nodded my head at him. His eyes widened.

She was walking and I sensed power coming from her. It turned my wolf on cause she was like us. She has the Alpha power coursing through her veins. I gave her the note and I touched her hand I felt sparks when I touched her. She clenched the note. She sat down and she read it. Jason, Mike, and Andrew were uncomfortable cause they could feel her power and they were intimidated by her. So was everyone else. Jason looked at me and her.

"Do you know how intimidating this is? We have two Alphas here in the classroom and one of them doesn't even know she is one!" Jason said.

"I know I like it this should keep the guys away from her and let me have her!" I growled.

"What do you mean?" Jason asked.

"She is my mate and she doesn't know it cause her wolf needs to come out! She will come out on her 16th birthday which is near. When she does it will on midnight and she will then be a member of our pack." I say.

"Oh damn!" Jason says.

"Yes so don't touch, look, make her laugh, or smile! She is mine do you understand!" I said in my Alpha tone.

Jason nodded his head along with Mike and Andrew.

She looked at me and she smiled. I did the same. She blushed. I laughed at her but covered it up with a cough.

"Okay what's so funny? And why is she blushing? Did we miss something?" Mike asked playfully.

"Nothing!" We said still laughing.

They gave us the ok-whatever-you-fucking-liars look.

Violets POV

Then I saw my note out and I quickly grabbed it on crumbled it up and threw it at Jake.

"Can you throw this away for me please?" I told him in a flirtatious voice. Then batted my eyelashes. Which he bushed a little and he got up and threw it away.

"Ok that was so not awkward at all!" Mike said sarcastically.

"Yeah did you see that he blushed when she told him to throw away a paper ball!" Jason said trying not to laugh.

When Jake sat down they started laughing at him.

"What?" He asked confused. He looked at his friends then at me and I shrugged my shoulders.

"Violet! Who is that?" The voice asks.

"Jake! Why?" I asked.

"That's our!" She said.

"That's our what?" I asked her.

"I know you saw that wolf and I know you blacked out. When you did you saw your a woman! Well that woman is our mom. You know that you are wolf right?" She asked.

"Yes! I accept that!" I told her.

"Good well you see there is this special bind between wolf's. And that bond is mates!" She says.

"Ok what does that have to do with Jake?" I asked.

"Well that is our mate!" She said happily.

"Really! How do you know?" I asked happily.

"I just do! I am your wolf so I know these things! I forgive you, Violet!" My wolf says.

"That is so cool. Thank you!" I tell her.

"But there something you must know about you and Jake!" My wolf said.

But she left cause of the bell that dismissed us for lunch. When everyone left I was by myself so I walked out but I felt someone grab me. I felt sparks when the person grabbed me. My wolf howled in excitement. It must be Jake.

I gasped. But then I looked up and I was right it was Jake.

"You know you have to stop doing that!" I say looking at him.

We continued to walk.

"Sorry!" He said with a smile.

"Jake I was wondering if your offer is still up!" I say getting in front of him and looking at him. My wolf was surprised at me.

"What offer?" He asked looking at me.

"The one about lunch. I wanted to take back what I said about it!" I say looking down at the ground.

"Yes you can!" He said pulling my chin up to look at him. I shivered by his touch and my wolf nearly fainted.

"Well then yes, Jake I would love to go to lunch with you!" I said with a smile.

"YES!" He hollered. He hugged me and when he did he lifted me in the air and turned.

"Put me down!" I laughed.

"Ok!" He said while blushing.

We made our way to the lunch room.


sorry its so long!!

hope you like it!!



















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