Violet Alexandra Avery

Violet Alexandra Avery's parents fight all the time and include her in them! Until one day the fight got bad so Violet. Violet went outside she was at the house next door. No one lives there. She met a boy that night. And helped her through it! He shows her some of his friends and they help her as well. But if this continues will she fall for the boy and will he fall for her!


7. 2nd period

 Jake sets me down and we are laughing so hard when we get into the room. Everyone is standing with there stuff and they are looking at us.

"Well nice of you two to join us, Ms. Avery and Mr. Carter! We have seating charts this year! These will be your seats for the rest of the year!" Our AP- math teacher, Mrs. Morgan says looking at me with a surprised look.

"Oh okay sounds awesome!" I say excitedly.

Jake looked at me with a I-thought-you-hated-attention-but-yet-you-just-did-that! So I elbowed him in his ribs and he didn't do anything he just rubbed it. What are you serious that didn't hurt him? He must be that strong or something. But I was sure I put full force into that elbow hit.

"The seating charts are based off of last years scores and last weeks grades! And some are because I think you two can work good together, like you two could help each other good or your partner is more advanced than you and can help out!" Mrs. Morgan says looking at me as she said the last part.

I smile to myself not hearing all of what she said. I hope she doesn't give me a partner but then again she has to cause we are an even numbered class. The reason I say this is cause I don't need a partner in math when I am practically a math encyclopedia if there is a such thing.

"Why are you smiling?" Jake whispers in my ear. He is standing like he didn't just get an elbow to the ribs. But whatever.

"Just wait till she us seating arrangements she will explain it!" I say with a sly grin.

"Oh!" Jake says standing beside me and he has his hand croosed over his chest.

"Now in the back of this row I need, Violet and Jake please!" Mrs.Morgan says looking at us.

What! You have got to be joking!

Everyone gasped and looking at me with wide eyes.

"Violet I will explain after I get everyone seated and started on the assignment." Mrs. Morgan says with a stern look on her face. That says calm down there is a good reason.

I suddenly feel my body start to shake in anger and I heard my self growl also in anger. What the hell? Did I just growl? I hope no one heard that! Wait my senses suddenly intensified. And I feel like I can just explode cause I feel like I have so much power and energy. I sense Jake looking at me with a smirk on his face. Then I suddenly feel something take over my movements cause I grab Jake by his shirt roughly and I drag him to our seats in back.

"Hey! Hey!" Jake says tripping over his own feet.

"Shut up and come on!" I snapped. 

Once we get to our place I push him into his seat. I walk around and I throw my stuff down, then I take a seat next to him and I put my head down and I let a frustrated breath. I suddenly get this major head ach for some reason and my body feels like I just been hit by a truck, and I feel light headed! What is happening to me?

"Did you forget about me, Violet? That makes me so sad!" I suddenly hear this voice in my head.

"Who are you?" I ask myself.

"You really don't remember? Well I guess I will let you remember on your own." The voice says.

"Just tell me!' I tell it.

"No! I am not going to. You wan to now why? Its cause you had me locked up. So now that I am free I will put your body and head in so much pain with remembering me! Payback, bitch!" the voice says and I suddenly don't feel her presence in me anymore.

"Vi, why are you mad?" Jake says turning toward me. I look up at him and just stare at him intently. His eyes widen and then he moves uncomfortably in his chair.

Why is looking at me like that? And why does he look uncomfortable?

I don't say anything I just sit there and continue staring at him. But then my gaze intensifies.

"Vi, are you mad because I am sitting next to you? And this time its permanent?" Jake says with hurt in his eyes and voice.

Then his gaze becomes intense and his dark brown eyes turn black and it feels like he is cutting into my soul.

So I look away and I out my head down again cause my head got another sharp pain. When I closed my eyes I saw an image of a wolf and then blood and then a baby. I open my eyes and the pain intensifies. What was that?

"Jake, Violet?" Mrs. organ says cheerfully.

I bring my head up slowly cause it hurts so bad.

"Yes ma'am?" We both say in union.

"Well first Violet, I know you are upset about having a partner because of your intelligence. The only reason why you have a partner is because of Jake! Now secondly, I didn't mean that in a bad way. I meant as a good way. Thirdly, you two are sitting next to each other cause I believe you, Jake can learn better and get better grades with Violet helping you! Violet will you help him? I only put you next to him cause he really needs you!" Mrs. Morgan asks sympathetically.

"Yea sure." I say looking at them both.

"Excellent!" Mrs. Morgan says then she went to the front of the classroom.

"Now everyone the assignment for today is due either at the end of class today or as soon as you walk in. Now open to page 41 and tare it out and do front and back. You must work together on this. That's the only reason why we are in partners. Because some know it and some don't!" Mrs. Morgan says with a pleading look. Then she looks at me and gives me the I-was-talking-about-you! kind of look.

I shook my head yes.

30 minutes into the worksheet and Jake seems to get the concept of it. uThen he stops and starts talking about his football coach and how he yells at him constantly. I would just shake my head or I say "uhmmm yeah or oh wow!"

He thinks I am not listening so he stops and stares at me.

"Vi? Hey are you listening to me?" He whines.

I don't say anything I just continue on with the worksheet.

"Hey please listen to me!" He says louder.

I still ignore him. I am only doing this cause he is annoyed and is getting mad.

"Man when I am done you better tell me what I was complaining about!" He says and pokes me in the cheeks.

Then the pain comes back to my head and this time I get a sharp pain in my side. While I am working the images come back. The images are of a wolf, and then I see two wolfs dead and they are covered in blood, then I see what looks like 300 wolfs dead all and covered in blood as well. Then I see my house and then I see a baby, she looks like me but she is covered in blood. Then they go away and the pain intensifies.

I notice that Jake has changed subjects and he is now talking about some art contest that he wants to enter but he cant cause of the theme. The theme is where you have to draw your personality and he doesn't know what it is. Then out of now where he saus something that catches my attention.

"You want to eat lunch with me and my friends?" He asks me.

I stop writing and then started. I am trying to calm cause of the pain. I was about to write the answer to the last question when Jake snatches the paper away from me.

"Hey you jerk I was about to write last answer! Give it back!" I whined and giving him a stern stare.


"No!' He smirks.

"Why not?" I say turning my head fast to face him. But I turned my head a little to fast cause I started getting dizzy and my head was pounding.

"Because!" He sing-songs.

"Because, why?" I say slowly trying to keep from throwing up cause of the dizziness.

"because you kept ignoring me!" he pouted.

"I did not ignore you! I heard every single word that came out of that loud mouth of yours! I mean its kind of hard not to hear you! I retorted with a playful smirk. The dizziness finally stopped.

" Oh! Then what was I complaining about then?" He challenged lifting an eyebrow at me.

"You were complaining about how your coach keeps yelling at you then you. Then you changed the subject to art and how you want to do this art contest you want to enter, but the theme is to draw your personality! You then said it as hard cause you don't know what your personality is. Then you asked me if I wanted to eat lunch with you and you friends? Am I correct?" I say looking at him with a sly grin.

"Yes! So do you?" He asks me with joy.

"Jake, do you realize that you and your friends are popular? And I told you how they don't like me. But oh let me guess they like right? WRONG! Did you see the way the POPULAR girls were looking at me? HUH? No you didn't! They were giving me death glares! DEATH GLARES, Jake! Death glares! Jake you know I don't fit in with your crowd. And the sad thing is I know you know it as well. But you still tell me they will me and this and that. But I am telling you more like begging now. Don't ever ask me that question ever again! I know I am being mean again, but don't make me go and sit somewhere I don't fit into! Please! It was a nice gesture and I thank you for it, but no, Jake! I cant and wont sit you at lunch. I am so sorry!" I say putting my hands on his chest looking into his eyes. I feel his heart beating fast.

" Shut up! I don't like to beg for what I want!" The voice growls.

"Well get used to it!" I told her.

"Don't talk to me like that. It would be different between us if you didn't have me suppressed. You know if I wanted I could take over you! But I wont do that! I want you suffer with the images!" The voice says in angerly.

" Why are you showing me those?" I ask it.

"That my dear is your past. The first, is what you look like now. The second, is your real mom and dad. The third, is your parents dead. The fourth, is your pack all slaughtered. The fifth, is you as a baby a long time ago. The last, is your fake parents." The voice says then disappears.

What! I-I am a wolf? But how is that possible? There is no such thing! My parents aren't my parents! Well that explains why I don't look like either of them. But if I am a wolf them what happened to my real parents along with my pack? And is there last name Avery or not? Then the pain comes back but more harshly.

" Vi. hey are you listening to me?" Jake asks turning me to face him.

Turn to look at him and he does the same thing as last time.

"No sorry you what were you saying?" I say in a low voice.

" I said, okay, but I am telling you it will be fine! And your welcome!" He smiles but it quickly fades away.

"Jake, I am so sorry please don't be mad with me! I didn't mean sound like I was being rude. You just shocked and scared me is all." I say pleading to him and looking at him.

"Vi, its fine. I know you didn't mean it by a mean way!" He says as turns away from me. I suddenly heard a low growl. Was that me? Or was that Jake?

Then the bell rings and everyone quickly runs out of the classroom and when Jake gets up the chair hits the ground. He then stalks out of the classroom. I stay behind and finish answering the question. I get which only causes me pain and I feel nausea. I walk slowly up to Mrs. Morgan and hand her the paper.

"Thank you, Violet! See you tomorrow. Are you okay? You look a little pale." She asks looking concerned.

I just shook my head which made it worse and now I feel like I was going to throw up.




























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