Banner Wonderland

This is just a collection of my random banners and... stuff. I DO believe in the power of stuff. :)


73. Banner No. 73

Allie remembered her grandmother's words. She remembered them as clearly as if she had said them yesterday.
"Dance your heart away," the old lady had said, touching Allie's cheek with a shaking finger, before pointing. Allie followed her gaze, her eyes landing on a shoe box. "Dance, and let your troubles lay," her grandmother said as she crawled towards the box. She opened it, and she gasped as she saw what lay underneath the wrapping paper: a beautiful pair of ballet slippers. Pointe shoes. A delicate light pink. Allie was almost afraid to touch them, as they looked like they would crumble to pieces at the slightest touch.
Now, ten years on, Allie was finally wearing those shoes in the empty dance studio. She did up the last ribbon and stood up, brushing down her skirt. She picked up the remote for the CD player, hit play, and skidded the remote across the ground before it gently hit the wall.
As the first bars of the gentle song played, Allie rose up onto her toes and began to dance.


A quick drabble to a quick banner ^~^

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