Banner Wonderland

This is just a collection of my random banners and... stuff. I DO believe in the power of stuff. :)


53. Banner No. 53

Okay, so turns out we're completely changing the name of the story mentioned in the last chapter. Ah well, I like the new one better anyway. Leah-chan and I have agreed on 'The Professional Game' as per Leah-chan's suggestion. I'll leave you to come up with your own interpretation of it.

So, we decided to have our own little cover competition. Well, not really. We just make a bunch of covers and see who's we like best, really. So I made a few, and here they are.

Number 1:

Okay, so I chose this picture for a few reasons. One's 'cause this picture of Kirito is AWESOME and it just suits the fact that there's battle in a lot of it. Another is cause.... okay, maybe that's the only reason. I hope I put our names in an okay position. I must insist on having our names on it, that's just my little input. XP

Number 2:

I had no clue where to put our names on this one, so I hope I did alright. XP Oh well. This is, obviously, the NerveGear that changed some people's lives, ruined others and took the rest. Me? It would be the best thing that had ever happened to me! *fangirls* I'm a gamer. Anyway, so that's the second one.

Number 3:

Well, I hope this one looks okay. I just thought it seemed dark and mysterious, and I like dark and mysterious. And it's Itachi-san, I had to have an excuse. I know a place where I can get better fonts, I can give there a try? (Message to Movellas: Get better fonts. These ones get really boring after a while.)

So, that's all I got for now. Hope you like 'em Leah-chan!!

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