Secret's Cover Contest

You may have heard of these cover makers before, dear friends of mine and great cover makers, well now they are my competitors for the cover contest; hosted by me! What will happen is the contestants will receive a challenge on a previous chapter, where they may make one, and one only, cover each. When all three are in, I and maybe some helpers, will decide the worthy winner. This will happen a number of times. What? What do they win I hear you say? Hm... Honour, I guess, and pride. I may compete as well sometimes, but I won't be a judger for when that happens. Anyway, enough of this, let's get this show on the road!

*The cover you see is made by River_Summers*


11. Task 6 - In Coming Request!!

It was another close call last round!
Well, actually we didn't have that many voters that task. 
But anyway, River Summer's on another roll here, winning with three votes!

But well done last round ladies! Really spot on, I liked them all, as I'm sure all of the audience did.


Now, today we have a special request, from someone I shan't name. But she has kindly asked if we could take up her request and here it is:

Title: Dauntless
Author: LittleMissFandoms
Colors: Black and red
Blurb: In Melanie Gould's world, society is divided up into five factions. They were formed at the beginning of the great peace. The faction system persists because everyone is afraid of what might happen if it didn't... war.
The society's motto is Faction before blood. Those who switch factions are viewed as traitors. The five factions are Dauntless, the brave; Erudite, the intelligent; Abnegation, the selfless; Amity, the peaceful; and Candor, the honest.
Melanie lives in Erudite. When society decides that when teenagers turn 16, they can take an aptitude test and switch factions, leave the only world she's ever known. Leave a mother that she despises, and a father who abandoned her. Melanie can only say yes. But problems occur, and Melanie's life is in grave danger when they find a glitch in the aptitude test.

So there it is! 
I shan't be taking place in this task unfortunately due to college work. 
But I all look forward to seeing the stupendous covers!

- Aldrin Shadownight

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