Niall's Fake Lover

How can something so fake feel something so real?


1. Chapter 1





What am I going to do now? I don’t even know where to start. I have nothing left with me. I have no friends so I have no place to go. I’ve been walking in the streets for the past 3 hours looking for a job but no one wants to accept me. Guess I’d be sleeping in the streets for tonight. Hopefully I’ll be luckier tomorrow.


I took a seat at a bench close by. All those walking made me really tired. I noticed there was a man also sitting in the bench so I looked at him. That’s when I realized that I know this person. My step sister used to brag about him every time.


“You’re Niall Horan right?” I suddenly blurted out. I didn’t really intended to tell him that but since it already escaped my mouth, there was nothing I could do.  He did have a disguise but it was so easy to discover him.

He then faced me with a surprised look in his eyes. “Shhhhh!” he covered my mouth with his hands and drag me. That’s when I realized that my voice probably was a bit too loud so the fans walking in the streets are now chasing us.


He drag me inside a car before speeding out of that particular area. A few minutes of ride we were at a place which I assumed to be his flat.


As soon as we entered I yelled at him “Hey! Why did you drag me all the way down here!!??” I didn’t have the chance to tell him that while he was dragging me because I didn’t want to catch too much attention.

He faced me and yelled “Like I want to drag you along! You should be thankful I saved your life from those fans, besides have you already forgotten that it was your fault they chased us!?” I was surprised at his sudden outburst. I guess he’s not as sweet as my step sister told me.


“Alright, fine! It was my fault. I’m so sorry Mr-Oh-So-Superstar! Thank you for dragging me all the way down here just to escape your crazy fans. If you’ll excuse me I’ll be heading my way now.” I said with full sarcasm. I understand he just want to escape his fans but dragging me along? That’s a different story.


“Wait!” he grabbed my hand and turned me to face him. “Where do you live? I’ll drive you home”

I removed my hand and said “Trying to be a gentleman eh? There’s no need, I can walk myself out of here” I turned around and walked my way out of his flat.


Geez. I should be resting on that bench a while ago. My feet is aching but I have no place to rest. I’m in the middle of nowhere. With just my luck, the rain began to pour. I didn’t stop walking though, so now I am soaking wet. I’ll get sick if I didn’t find a place to stay for a while.


“Huh. I just don’t understand girls. Walking in the rain isn’t such a good idea. You’ll get sick. Get in” I turned to face the guy who uttered those words. He was smirking like an idiot. I ignored him and continued walking. I thought he would just give up but he didn’t. Instead, he grabbed my arm and forced me inside his car.


“Where do you live? And don’t try to fight me because I’m doing you a favour. Lots of girls would die just to be in your position.” As he started the engine of his car I turned to face him “Oh, so you think I’d die to ride in a car with THE Niall Horan? Note this, not all girls are crazy like you think.” I crossed my arms.

“Fine! Just tell me where you live because I have more important things to do that drive a grumpy girl home” he stated. I retorted back “I’m not grumpy! And who says I want you to drive me home either!”

I can’t believe why those girls are crazy about this guy. He’s such a jerk!

‘’Alright. I give up fighting with you. You win, are you happy now? Just tell me where you live” his voice became so sweet and calm like an angel. Maybe, just MAYBE he isn’t such a jerk after all. I turned quiet after he said those words. I don’t know what to say. I may not like him but it’s still embarrassing to tell a famous person that you have absolute nothing.

“Let me guess, you have no place to stay?” he stated as if he was reading my mind.


“How’d you know?” I replied. Right then, he started laughing telling me that it was just some lucky guess and how predictable I was.


“You know, this scene is really cliché, the guy pays the girl but in return, the guy asks for the girl to be his fake girlfriend” he turned the car heading to his’ house direction. Seriously, this day gets weirder and weirder.


“That only happens in the movies, this is the real world dude” I rolled my eyes. What exactly is he implying? Hold on—“Are you actually asking me to be your fake girlfriend?” I yelled at him. No way in hell I would do that! I may have nothing but I’m not as low as he thinks.


“Great thing you realized, after all it would be really hard if I ask you myself” he parked his car in his garage before facing me. He has this playful smirk that I really hate. If he doesn’t stop that I’m really gonna punch his face! Literally!


“Dude NO! Okay? I’m not as low as you think douche bag! I’m outta here!” Before I could open the door he stop me by grabbing my arm and facing me to him. Right there and then I smackes his face. I told you I’d punch him if you didn’t stop bothering me.


“Owwww. Why did you that? No one punches this handsome face of mine” he said while rubbing the spot I hit. “Please, just do it. I’d give you anything you want.” he stated.


Now that I think about it, there’s no reason for me not to accept his offer I mean, because of my pride? That’s stupid! If I sleep in the streets, not only my pride and dignity will be taken away but also the opportunity of living in a better home. I have nothing and this guy is offering me not only a place to stay but also a job. “Fine! I accept this offer of yours.” I proclaimed. His mood lighten up a bit. We both got out of the car and went inside for some tea and also to talk about this so called ‘deal of his’. 

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