Smoke baby {Z.M}

Typical bad boy, Zayn Malik, and daddy;'s girl Josephine head out together somewhere out there in the wild, wild world. Their journey begins, and ends quicker then you imagined. But the amazing time, and the memories they made will .. never... be forgiven.
~Read what happened in short Z.M story ;P


4. Chapter Three

     "I am done with you controlling my life dad! I have feelings for Zayn, and you are not going to change that," I said.

     "Stay away from him little girl! I am your father, and you have to listen to me or else..." I stopped him from saying more bullshit.

     "I don't care!" I shut the  door behind me. I feel like this was absolutely a bad idea, but of course... Zayn always has the worst ideas. I quickly put a couple shirts, and jeans in my suitcase, and opened the window. I looked down searching for him.

     "Josephine! Let's go," he said loud enough for me to hear him. I let go of my suitcase, and he caught it.  "I'll wait for you at the back."

     I silently cracked my door open ,and looked around to check if my dad was around. Luckily he went for a meeting at his office. I ran out of the house through the back door as quickly as possible. Zayn took my hand, and helped me jump off the fence.

     "We did it baby!" he happily exclaimed, and spun me around. I had a smile on my face, but deeply inside I was worried as hell.

     "I think we are doing something wrong. What about school? What about the police? When my dad gets home he will immediately call the cops," I said.

     "Don't worry I know the perfect place for us to hide at. Okay?" he hugged me. He smelled so good I didn't want him to let go.


     He led me in a dark house. It was messy, and freaky. I was wondering what was on his mind.

     "Our room would be the one on the left down the hall," he spoke.

     "Our?!" I exclaimed surprised. "I'm not sleeping in one bed with you Zayn."

     "Why are you so distant. Why did you agree with running away with me since you don't like it when I touch you, and you resist everything I offer?" he asked. I didn't know what to answer first. I didn't know the answer myself. So I just said a simple, "I don't know."




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