Smoke baby {Z.M}

Typical bad boy, Zayn Malik, and daddy;'s girl Josephine head out together somewhere out there in the wild, wild world. Their journey begins, and ends quicker then you imagined. But the amazing time, and the memories they made will .. never... be forgiven.
~Read what happened in short Z.M story ;P


7. Chapter six

I looked up as I smoked it all at once. Just so I could be done faster.

    "Damn Jos, don't take too much," Zayn spoke as smoke came out of his nose. I didn't listen to him, and what he was telling me. I felt like I was flying. Nothing else mattered at that point.

    "Ya feel good yet?"

   I nodded.

    "You're amazing.."

At that moment all the worries about my father looking for me, and taking me back were gone. My mind was free of thoughts, and things that stressed me out. I don't know why, but stuff that I didn't think I'd say, came out of my mouth.

     "I love you," I said, my head touched the wall. I was giggling, and my eyes were closed. Like I was drunk, but I was able to stay still. I couldn't look at him right now, and I didn't know what he was thinking, or if he will kick me out, because I fell in love with him. He might not have wanted this to happen.

     "Oh my god." I heard him say. I opened my eyes... still smiling, and grinning like an idiot, I looked at him.

     "What," I said my voice sounded provocative, also.. like a little girl playing around. I saw him coming closer, and closer to me until his face was inches apart from mine. I looked into his eyes, and then his lips, and giggled. In my mind I wasn't laughing like my body was doing outside. I felt the shivers that went down my spine as his hands cupped my face, and his soft lips were about to press onto mine. He didn't stay there much longer, and I felt how our lips collided, and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach which were forming every time he touched me.

      Our kiss grew into something more. I didn't realize it until he was unbuttoning my shirt. I chuckled at the fact, and playfully pushed him on the floor. I helped him take his shirt off while he was kissing my neck, and lips. I could feel the tension between us getting stronger, and the feeling I got made me feel amazing. His body embracing mine, and our lips not leaving each others... tonight was the best night I could possibly have. He was so sweet, and caring I couldn't ask for more.


     The next morning I woke up with a bit of a headache, but at the same time remembering last night, and how happy I was. I felt the need for what he gave me to smoke yesterday. I remembered the feeling of how I was flying, and how I didn't want to get back down to earth. I felt Zayn move, so I turned my body towards him. His eyes fluttered open ,and he immediately smiled, and glanced at me. I smiled back. He touched my cheek, and rubbed it softly with his thumb.. and then he said.

     "I love you too."


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