My baby

Anna seems to have her whole life turned around when she meet ashton.

Lol so
Sorry if I am super fast with the story.Im not a good writer


1. Damn it but YES

Ugh.Damn it I hated waking up.Today is the worst day to even wake up.I HAVE TO GO TO A NEW SCHOOL.I hated that but loved the idea.I didn't have any good friends at my old school because I hated talking.I was always super shy and anti-social.I was never bullied much.The worst part was that there was never anybody who wanted to talk to me.Im so ready to kinda break out of my shell.Im at that age where I'm so hormonal according to my mom because I'm 16.I love my mom but she can sometimes be really stupid.Well anyway,I had to get out of bed and take a really quick shower.I jumped into the shower and cleaned up and then got out.I was putting on my bra when my little brother walked in and told me breakfast was almost ready."Hey breakfa-OH GOD"-"OH MY GOD GET OUT IM NAKED".He ran out the room.Oh wow that was weird.Now it won't be the same talking to him for a while.I looked at the time and I had to hurry up.So I threw on some black skinny jeans,a black tight tank top and a plaid shirt.

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