Good Girl

They aren't the popular boys of the school that everyone is fascinated with. They aren't the star football players or the highest placing students. They're a band who is trying to prove to themselves and their parents that they should be allowed to leave school to pursue their dreams. I, however, am not like them. I am a high honor roll student, who only focuses on school work and my job. I don't have time for these boys, I'm a good girl. Though, as they might say, "Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.".


12. xi

"I wrote a song," Luke declares at lunch on Tuesday morning. "I had a little bit of inspiration, and I think we should give it a shot."

Mikey smiles, "I, too, wrote a song. Well, at least part of one, I'm thinking that I could use some help getting other lyrics. And it still doesn't have a title." He shuffles some papers around to Luke and Calum, and Luke gives his to Mikey. "Good Girl," Mikey reads aloud. "She can speak French.. But she sneaks out the window.. Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught." 

My eyes widen as everyone looks at me, and Luke's smirk is as annoying to me as ever. "So that's what you've been up to?" Calum questions, his eyebrows wiggling at me. 

"I have no idea what you're talking about," I say, deadpan, before moving my cold stare to Luke, who just smiles at me, contently. 

"She's saved for Harvard.. Every night she studies hard in her room? There is literally no way this isn't about you, Lil." Calum says, before looking at Luke, as though he is asking him if it is. 

"So you've been sneaking around with Luke while leading Ashton on?" Kara asks, her blue eyes becoming narrow slits. "I am so over the band, and over you, Liliana." She stands up and leaves the lunch table without looking back. 

"What's her problem?" Luke asks. "For the record, Princess isn't sneaking around with me."

"Well, we didn't think that," says Michael. "At least, I thought that it was about you catching her sneaking out with Ashton." 

Calum jumps in, "Me too. Which, I totally know that you are, now. That's why you're always so tired now. But, seriously, what's wrong with Kara?" 

"Oh she's still mad that Ashton likes me and she thinks that Luke likes me-"

"I do," Luke acknowledges, fully, but I ignore it. 

"But Calum doesn't like her, but she can't see that Mikey is totally into her," I conclude. 

Calum and Luke's heads snap toward Mikey. "You like Kara?" Calum asks, almost seeming jealous.But I think that he likes having someone like him so much. 

Mikey looks at me, however. "How did you even know that?" I simply shrug in response. "Anyways, my song is called Out of My Limit." 

"Definitely about Kara." 

"Not about Kara," Mikey says, glancing over at Luke, with a harsh glare. 

"I don't care who it's about," I say. "I just care that we have two great songs prepared already. Well, maybe. You'll have to rehearse them and come up with another song, and dear god, it's so much work." 

"We'll be cool," Luke says, slinging his arm around my shoulder. "It's not like we're going to wait until we have two days left to write the third song."

And technically, he's right. Because they waited until they only had four days left. 

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