Good Girl

They aren't the popular boys of the school that everyone is fascinated with. They aren't the star football players or the highest placing students. They're a band who is trying to prove to themselves and their parents that they should be allowed to leave school to pursue their dreams. I, however, am not like them. I am a high honor roll student, who only focuses on school work and my job. I don't have time for these boys, I'm a good girl. Though, as they might say, "Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.".


8. vii

Saturday is the day that Luke had asked my parents if I could go to their gig and help out again. I attend the band practice this morning, per my mother's insistence ("Tell those damn boys to find another house to practice at"). Luke is extremely cozy toward me today, which throws me off, slightly. Normally, he'll put his arms around me and I have acted closer with him than the others because, before that fateful morning last weekend, I had only actually ever spoken to Luke and Calum. Quite obviously, Ashton's been slipping into my radar, but mostly by the other boys relaying things that Ashton may or may not have said when I wasn't around. With these boys, though, you can never tell when they're joking or being serious. Especially when they're drunk.

If I'm thrown off and confused by Luke's behavior, Ashton is outright angry about it. And very vocal about his issues. I'm unsure how much of last night he remembers, but I think that he knows that I know about his crush. More than anything. I think that he may be upset that I haven't said anything to him about it, or told Luke to back off.

I look toward Kara (who was here when I got here, apparently uninvited) and Calum. Poor, poor Kara is pining after him, and she simple does not understand that it is not attractive of her to do this, but she likes him so much, she can't help herself.

Michael is the only person here prepped to practice, which is something meaningful, because he's the one who we normally have to keep on track. I stand up, forcing Luke's arm to slide off of my shoulder. "Alright," I state, loud and angry. "You boys have a gig tonight, so you need to stop fooling around."

Luke begins to protest, "Liliana, we're fine."

"No," I simply say. "You, Luke, stop acting weird. Kara, leave Calum alone, and, Ashton, grow up and tell us what your problem is." I am met with blank stares, and a near hurtful glare from Kara, and then Ashton smiles, followed by Calum and Mikey. "What on God's green Earth are you idiots smiling about?" 

Ashton turns toward the rest of the boys and says, "Did we just find ourselves a manager?" 

Luke starts cheering as Calum screams, "Hell yeah!" 

Their manager? How on Earth could I be their manager? I am not fit to be in any sort of managerial position. "What the hell are you boys talking about?" 

Luke smiles at me, and slings his shoulder over my arm as I have gotten so accustomed to him doing, and begins to explain. "We, if you haven't been able to tell, are a slightly out of control bunch."

I snort, "Obviously." 

"We need someone who can help to control us. And while you can control Irwin just because he loves you- Ouch!" Calum yells as Ashton smacks the back of his head. 

"What he's trying to say," Ashton ends this three-part explanation, "is that you're kind of authoritative and very organized. We could use you managing things for us." 

I begin to smile. I had only ever had one job, which I had to quit because my parents thought that it was taking away from my school dedication. But this is something that I can very easily hide from them during the week and only actually have to leave the house for it on weekends. It could be perfect.

"Are you serious?" Kara bursts out, now showing anger on her face as well as the hurt she had previously been showing. "She just yells at everyone and you all love her, I don't get it!" Her voice cracks toward the end, and I know that she is about to cry, and she exits the garage in a hurry. 

"What the hell?" Mikey says, saying out loud the confusion that the other boys were clearly feeling as well. 

I roll my eyes, "Girls get a bit more emotional than boys when being yelled at. I'll be back." I run out of the garage also. 

Unsurprisingly, she's sitting right outside, of course she knew that I would be out here after her, which makes me thankful that I didn't say anything about her loving Calum. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that." 

She looks up at me, "I just don't understand why they all love you so much. You've got both Luke and Ashton falling at your feet. And, you're right, you know, Calum gets so annoyed by me. I just don't think I should change who I am for him to like me. I'm clingy and unstable, but I've also been crushing on him forever." 

I know how she feels, and imagine about how Ashton feels the same way for me. Though, I think the boys play up his crush on me. I sigh as I tell her the really only thing that can help her, "They like me because it's not awkward for me to be around them. I'm not trying incredibly hard to be in on their crowd. If you just cool down a little bit, they'll like you a lot more. Calum is just a little freaked out, I think." 

She looks sad, still, and I know that I have it within me somewhere to be a better friend to her. After all, I've been focusing on the boys since we all started hanging out. "Listen to me, Kara. You are a beautiful and smart girl. If Calum can't appreciate who you are, then you don't need him. Find someone else who doesn't mind showing his emotions flat out and loves to be clingy, too."

She smiles at this, and hugs me. I hold her as her crying quiets, and with my head leaned against the cement wall, I can overhear the boys conversation inside. Though I know I shouldn't listen, I've been feeling a bit rebellious lately, and close my eyes to enjoy the noise. 

"Dude, you're being a dick," Mikey's undeniable voice says, and I wonder who he's speaking to. 

My question is answered when Luke repsonds, "Dude. Irwin needs to stop playing with himself and talk to her. Or else I'm moving in. I've always thought she was something else, but I can tell she likes Irwin. He needs to man up."

"You don't have to be all over her, dude," Calum replies, while Ashton remains silent throughout this. I decide that I'm tired of dealing with this and stand myself and Kara up to reenter. 

"What's up, guys?" 

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