Good Girl

They aren't the popular boys of the school that everyone is fascinated with. They aren't the star football players or the highest placing students. They're a band who is trying to prove to themselves and their parents that they should be allowed to leave school to pursue their dreams. I, however, am not like them. I am a high honor roll student, who only focuses on school work and my job. I don't have time for these boys, I'm a good girl. Though, as they might say, "Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.".


6. v

"Mum," I call, loudly, on Friday after school, "I'm going out with Kara and Luke tonight. Just going to be hanging out is all."

She groans, "You're spending a lot of time asking to go out now," she hesitantly responds.

"We came up with a deal, mum," I state, getting angry. "I can have my Friday and Saturday nights to myself as long as I am home studying and not going out every other night. Just because I never used it to go places other than Kara's before- well, it's not fair to deny me it now." 

She rolls her eyes at me, angry, "Whatever, Liliana. I'm not sure that these boys are the best for you. You've never been a brat before."

I stomp upstairs to my bedroom, and slam the door, both loud enough for my mother to hear. I decide that I feel like looking super hot tonight, because I never actually attempt to look nice. Plus, I want to impress the boys. I look at the clock and see that the time is 5:04, and realize that Kara should have been here four minutes ago. As though she knows I am thinking about her, she charges into my room, breathing heavily for the fact that she's carrying a very large makeup box and at least five shopping bags. 

"Jesus Christ, Kara," I state breathlessly.

"Dad gave me his credit card. Plus, mum's mad at me, so she told me to stay at dad's this weekend. We're totally free to do whatever and not get into trouble," she laughs. 

"Okay, the only problem is that we can't leave here looking like hookers," I say, nervously. "Mum'll be pissed- and she's already mad at me. Do you even know where we're going?" 

"A house party. Calum told me during English," she blushes. "Not sure where or who will be there, but we gotta look fine."

I suggest that we go to her dad's house now. That way, we will be able to get ready and go out without her mom or mine seeing us dressed in a way that they would not like. On my way out, I say goodbye to my parents, and even though they are upset with me, they respond kindly, saying "Love you" and "Be safe".

We get into Kara's car and head toward her dad's house, chattering excitedly about going out tonight. "I brought some of the dresses that Jean left me when she went away," Kara says, "But I also bought two new dresses with dad's card." I nod. Her sister had always been a party child, never listening to her mother and constantly sneaking out. She had an inkling that Kara could be the same way, and left her tips and tricks and clothes to make her teenage years fun.

When we arrive at her dad's house, he isn't home yet, but we go up to her bedroom and she drags out all of the different options that we have. I pull on the largest of the dresses. While I am not large, I am bigger than both Jean and Kara's petite frames. This dress hugs me uncomfortably. "Kar? Can I see one of the new dresses? There is no way I'm fitting into any of Jean's old ones."

She laughs and throws the bag at me. I find the dress that is sized a 6 and pull it on. It is quite tight, but unlike the other dress, it isn't uncomfortable. It fits like a glove, and I am quite please with it. It is black and small and sparkly and Kara has done just perfect in choosing it. "I also got you some cute heels," she says, adding "Don't worry, small heel," before I can freak out.

I pull the dress off and begin to do my makeup and then do Kara's. She then does my hair and her own. We finally put our dresses on and both look great. Kara's blonde hair is pulled up with tiny ringlets framing her face, and her dress looks a lot like mine. She says that Calum texted her the address and that we should leave now. Suddenly, I feel very nervous about going to a house party. I've never been to one before and know that typically there are a lot of people and alcohol at them.

"Oh shit, Lil. Calum said that it's just a small get together at his place now. Just the boys and us."

We look down at an hour long hard work on ourselves, "We're very overdressed, then," I say. So we change into the clothes that we had on before, and leave the dresses and heels in her closet for the next time that we go out.

I feel a lot calmer as we're getting into Kara's car once again, and heading for Calum's house. "What are they all like?" she asks me.

"They boys? Well you know them already," I say, "Mikey is really loud and fun, Luke is, well, Luke. And Ashton is.. well, I don't know, exactly, Kara." I say laughing, "They all just tease me a bit. You'll seriously love them though. I doubt as much as you love Calum, though." I laugh.

She chuckles nervously, "God, like we've never talked outside of school. Do you think I act awkward around him? Sometimes I think I act awkward around him."

I think back on the multiple times I have seen how uncomfortable Calum looked when Kara would act strangely around him, and tell her, "Just be yourself. Like you are with me. He won't be able to resist you."

We arrive at Calum's and he answers the door, clearly already slightly tipsy. "It's so good to see you, Lily," he shouts, hugging me. "Oh and there's Kara, oh hi! I'm so glad you came," he slurs, dragging out the word 'so'. We force him back in the house, before any neighbors can see him, and follow him to his living room. His house is quite small in comparison to mine and Luke's and Kara's, but it is well decorated, with a rather primitive theme throughout.

Once in the living room, I see Luke, Ashton, and Michael spread out between the furniture, all laughing together. Luke notices me first and shouts, "Lily!" I wave to all of the boys, who have all turned toward me and are cheering. I look at my watch and notice that it is only 8:30. They should not all be this tipsy.

I'm dragged by Ashton to the sofa that he had claimed. "Liliana! I'm so glad you're here," he mumbles.

"Thanks, Ash. Glad I'm here, too."

Kara finally enters the room with Calum, an open beer in her hand, laughing at something that he had said. I sigh. I know that I'll be the only sober one tonight.



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